The Best Stock to Buy Before Christmas

The so-called “experts” needed to see consumer confidence level reach a nine-year high before they said that people are feeling pretty good about spending their money.

But let’s be honest…

It’s the holiday season, and we’re only two weeks out from Christmas. Of course everyone is shopping!

So instead of wasting your time listening to these pundits analyze pointless fundamentals, take advantage of what the price patterns reveal.

And treat your portfolio to the most lucrative “Christmas stock” out there…

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This Secret Pattern Reveals the Exact Date to Buy Gold

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a lot of talk about gold in the news this week.

Now gold has always been considered a “safe haven” for your money because it’s a way for investors to hedge against inflation. But that’s not what the financial TV news pundits are talking about.

On Monday, gold prices hit a 10-month low. Between that and the upcoming Fed decision next Wednesday and Thursday on raising interest rates, it seems like the perfect opportunity to stock up on gold.

But market chatter doesn’t predict anything – patterns do.

And this secret pattern says to avoid gold until this exact date.

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