The Truth about the “Secret” Currency That Could Replace the U.S. Dollar

With the exception of Wells Fargo (for obvious reasons) and basket-case Deutsche Bank, earnings for the “big banks” have actually been pretty good this quarter.

But they’ve got a much bigger problem right now. According to New York Fed economists, large banks have over $140 billion invested in bad energy loans stemming from the oil crash. And they could be facing astronomical losses.

So it seems as though it’s only a matter of time before the banks go to Hades in a handbasket – and take the rest of the stock market with them.

Now there’s a camp of people who will tell you about a new “cash alternative” that’s the best safe haven for your money.

It hasn’t been fully embraced (yet), but it’s already being called the “new world currency.”

In the past 12 months alone, its transaction volume has increased by 110%.

It’s got the potential to become an $8.2 trillion industry.

But before you ditch your gold bars…

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The Shocking Reason Economists’ “Recession Cries” May Be Right This Time

Just after the first Fed meeting back in January, Financial Times Magazine surveyed 51 economists about the likelihood of another recession. According to them, there’s a 15% chance of the next recession hitting within two years and a 20% chance of the next recession hitting within 12 months.

But these “predictions” aren’t new. And they’re not because of the election, either.

Even in March, Bloomberg interviewed Jim Rogers, George Soros’ former business partner. Rogers also called for a recession to hit within the next year – which only gives us until March 2017. Now one of the many reasons behind his “forecast” is that the U.S. sees a recession every four to seven years – and it’s been nearly a decade since the last one.

The thing is… predictions such as these happen like (broken) clockwork, every single year.

But this time, they may have actually nailed it.

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