The Only Two Tools You Need to Make an Easy Fortune in the Markets

Hundreds of different technical analysis indicators and oscillators are at your fingertips today that you can use to set up your most profitable trades. And hundreds more are introduced every year.

Here’s the problem…

Trying to chart all of them is not only useless – it could also hurt your trades. You end up looking at such an intricate, spider web of a mess on your screen that you can’t even see the price of the stock you’re tracking.

But there’s a very easy fix to this…

Instead of combining every technical tool you’ve ever come across, there’s really only two you need.

Both of these actually lay the groundwork for every trading decision you’ll ever need to make.

And unlike the others, they allow you to track stock price movements and patterns in real time.

Here’s the first one…

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This “Old School” (and Really Accurate) Indicator Says the Economy’s Hitting the Brakes

Nowadays, financial news networks spend endless hours of programming around every upcoming jobs and GDP report they can get their hands on.

But only a few of them are actually worth paying attention to – and basing your trading decisions around.

Last Friday, for example, I told you how quarterly earnings reports could confirm the likelihood of another recession by March 2017.

And today, I’m going to give you another indicator that the richest traders use. It’s the “old school” way to know exactly how the economy is doing (in real time) without even turning on your TV.

It tells you whether the U.S. economy is speeding up or slowing down… and that shows you when to set your bullish and bearish trades.

This method dates all the way back to the 1800s.

And it’s as easy as looking out your window…

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