The Best 10 Ways to Shield Your Money from Uncle Sam

Over these past few weeks, I’ve shown you several ways to “get make your money back” from all of the holiday shopping you’ve done.

But now, it’s time to protect that money… and I’m not talking about protecting it from rising interest rates or a stock market correction.

I’m talking about Uncle Sam.

With just over one week until we begin the New Year, it’s time to start making your tax game plan.

And these 10 tips will ensure that you keep your hard-earned cash.

The first one may surprise you…

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The Ultimate “Formula” to Spotting Every Profitable Stock Market Pattern

In my nearly 30 years of trading, there’s one thing I’ve learned…

We are all creatures of habit.

We all live our lives to some set of procedures, and we’ve all got daily routines we try to follow as much as possible.

Whether it’s the time we get up, the time we fix coffee, the time we shower, the time we eat breakfast – even what we eat — there’s always a specific order to what we do.

These decisions are reflected in the stock market.

After all, it’s us, the people (not the markets) who make the decisions to buy and sell.

The trick is knowing how people will trade before they even do.

That’s why trading patterns is the proven way to outperform the market.

And it’s actually really easy to do.

Let me show you…

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