A Special “Rent-a-Stock” Issue

I know you’ve been following along with our recent “Rent-a-Stock” trading tactic and the Oneok Partners LP (NYSE:OKS) trade that followed the strategy.

I’d like to keep my promise that I made last time and provide you with a step-by-step look at both how I looked at, and how I executed, this trade.

Just grab that Saturday morning coffee, click below, and take in another “Learn to Earn” lesson on your way to wealth!


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  1. Aleta Hettich

    Ok, I’ve never done anything w/stock options or anything in the market. Your video was interesting but not basic enough for me. For instance, where do I go to open an account? Your language was foreign to me, I guess I need to read & educate myself a lot more, but where do I go to do that?

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