Month: July 2015

The Power of the Loophole Trade

My goal is to not only make you a wealthier investor, but a wiser one as well.  That’s why in Power Profit Trades, I will occasionally run an article of explanatory information – think of it as a basic education that will hold you in good stead not just today or this week but throughout your investing life.

This issue, I examine in granular detail a moneymaking tool called the loophole trade. Next issue of Power Profit Trades, I’ll recommend a specific loophole trade that’s coming up on my radar screen.

First, any discussion of the loophole trade must involve volatility.  Over the past few weeks, as the Greek crisis unfolds and the Chinese stock market plummets, we’ve witnessed wild intraday swings in the market.  One day it is down a couple of hundred points closing at or near its lows of the day; the next day it rallies back that 200 points or more, closing at or near its highs for the day.  It’s enough for a trader to get whiplash.

This market volatility can also cause a great deal of volatility in the pricing of options.  For traders looking to buy calls or puts, this makes it challenging in obtaining profits, if for no other reason options are more expensive than usual due to this volatility.

So how does one avoid this volatility?  One choice is to simply not trade and wait until the markets settle down – but that’s not acceptable to me.  My mission is to make you money, regardless of market conditions.  I want to play in the game, not sit on the bench.

What’s another choice?  Consider the loophole trade.  Below, I drill down and comprehensibly discuss why certain market conditions would compel me to recommend one.  Remember: through familiarity that’s gained by the proper application of financial knowledge, you can overcome fear of volatility and risk.  I want you to confidently embrace the power of the loophole trade.

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Qualcomm: The Virtue of Patience

There’s an old expression in the U.S. Army: soldiers are often forced to “hurry up and wait.”

That’s what it’s like much of the time for those trading the loophole trade, or spread trades (debit or credit).  You put on the spread trade and to realize maximum profit or get paid your money on this trade, you have to wait until expiration of the option contracts.

That’s what we’re now facing with our Qualcomm, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) trade – and I want you to make money from this situation.

First watch my video, which shows you exactly what to do. I also flesh out this advice, in the body of this issue below.


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