Month: April 2016

Juice the World’s Most Expensive Stocks by May 6 with this “Bargain” Play

When we talked on Wednesday, I answered the top ten questions you’ve been asking this year.

But I left something huge out…

It’s a technique you’ve been asking me almost every single week for the past month.

Now I left it out intentionally…

But I did so because we simply didn’t have the time to cover everything you need to know.

And quite frankly, it’s too important to your income to just skim over.

So today, I’ve devoted our entire conversation to this one question.

And it could save you a ton of money in May…

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Your Top 10 Questions This Year Answered by America’s #1 Trader

There are hundreds of get-rich-quick schemes out there that promise to “make you one million dollars in 24 hours” or invite you to unlock a “$26 billion safe box…”

But the secret to a lifetime of wealth isn’t a billionaire’s safe box…

It’s knowledge.

And that’s the reason I started Power Profit Trades last year.

My only goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to make money quickly and safely.

We’ve been talking about a lot of different techniques you can use this year –  such as trading options on stocks that only require small price movements,  buying LEAPS, and trading around earnings.

But you’ve had some questions along the way – like using Bollinger Bands over Keltner Channels – and it’s important to our goal that your questions get answered.

So that’s what I’m going to do right now.

Here are the answers to your top 10 questions so far this year… the first one will blow your mind.

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How to Bank Triple-Digit Profits in Under Ten Days With Absolutely No Effort

It seems like people are working harder and harder for their money these days but are making less and less.

On average, we’re working longer and longer hours, paying more for living expenses, and retiring much later. And many people exert all of their physical and mental energy at their jobs before having to work a second – or even third job. And they still aren’t making what they should be making.

But you don’t have to get stuck in this trap…

I’ve got the easiest way for you to double your money in as little as ten days…

And it doesn’t involve working harder or even buying stock.

Now you may be thinking that this is impossible to do… or that there’s some catch…

But I’m here to tell you that you can – and without any catch at all.

Let me show you exactly how…

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You Have Two Weeks to Prepare for the Next Bear Market – Here’s How

The first quarter of 2016 was one for the books. Since the markets got out of their own way in January and found their footing, we’ve had nothing but gain after gain.

Now, January really was one of the most brutal starts in nearly 12 years, so those gains aren’t quite what they would be otherwise – the Dow is up just shy of 5%, the hard-hit Nasdaq has scraped out 1.16%, and the broad, deep S&P 500 is up around 4.06% – but as traders, we know to take profits when and where they come.

That’s the easy part.

Now we’re about to run headlong into one of the weakest traditional “seasons” on the markets. According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, since 1950 the Dow has returned an average of 7.5% from November to April.

But the May to October window sees those gains pared to just 0.3%, on average, hence the old investors’ adage: Sell in May… and go away.

But I’m going to show you how you can hang tough in May… and walk away with all the money gun-shy investors are about to leave on the table.

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Motor Trend Just Exposed Apple’s “Secret” Car… Here’s How You Can Profit

If you love cars like I do, you know that the auto industry keeps a tight lid on the details, including images, of cars set to be released in the future.

But Motor Trend, an automobile magazine that features the latest and greatest in car news, got the jump on Apple, tweeting out the first so-called image of Apple’s “secret” electric car that’s rumored to be released as early as 2019 or 2020.

Apple, of course, will not comment, neither confirming nor denying the existence of its electric car initiative, called “Project Titan.” But its efforts to keep its plans classified haven’t quite succeeded… making the possibility of an Apple car more of an “open secret” within the automotive and technology industries.

Now skeptics say there’s no room for newcomer, Apple, to rival the likes of Tesla when it comes to electric cars (or cars in general) while optimists say Apple could revolutionize the auto industry, boasting of the historical milestones it’s already made in the technology industry.

No matter who ends up being right, Apple’s “secret” is out, making it the prime time to capitalize on huge gains opportunities.

In fact, the day that this news “leaked,” the stock climbed to $112.10 per share… up from Tuesday’s close of $110.44 and Monday’s close of $109.02.

And I’m going to show you just how you can profit right now…

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“Supersize” Your Rewards Using this Unique Buy-and-Hold Strategy

Earnings season has been off to a bit of a rough start, with corporate earnings looking particularly bleak.

Just look at Monday, when U.S. stocks fell after a series of disappointing quarterly reports. And while all of the major indexes are up right now, analysts are projecting another round of subpar results.

That’s why last week, I told you that one of the best ways you can play earnings is to use the straddle.

Now using options, especially the more complex strategies, can be tricky because of their short-term nature. And options prices can move quickly and change drastically, which might scare off many buy-and-hold investors.

But what if I told you that you can leverage the power of options to lock in lock in triple-digit returns… without ever spending a dime on a single share of stock?

This method offers the luxury of time that buy-and-hold investors have without the high costs involved with buying the stock.

And while this particular strategy does come with its risks, it could be your best option to survive this earnings season.

Let’s get started…

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The Best Option Strategy for Earnings Season Profits

Dear Reader,

Earlier this week, I told you that traders are always looking to “be on the right side of the trade.”

To an options trader, this means you want to be long calls on a stock that is going up in price or long puts when a stock is going down in price.

That’s often easier said than done – take earnings season. Options premiums can fluctuate significantly going into an earnings announcement… and things can really get wild when the announcement is made and the stock price moves on the news.

The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to end up on the right side of the trade.

If the company’s report comes in and is favorable, the stock will usually gap up and open higher than it closed the day before. If you had long call options, then you were on the right side of the trade.

If earnings come in below expectations, the stock will usually gap down and open lower than the previous day’s close. In this case, long put options would put you on the right side of the trade.

That said, it can be quite difficult to judge which way a stock will move on an earnings announcement (these gaps can be pretty significant – ask anyone who has seen what The Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN) or Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has done the day after their earnings announcements. While good news usually brings a pop and bad news usually signals a decline in the price of the underlying, that’s not always the case in today’s markets.

But what if I told you that can trade during earnings season without having to guess which way a stock will move?

There’s one strategy that can help you profit no matter what happens during earnings season.

Let me show you…

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How to Scan Earnings and Nail Your Next Payout Appointment

The first quarter of the year is in the books, and we’ve entered a new earnings season.

Hundreds of companies, including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, are releasing their earnings reports this month.

And the fact of the matter is… earnings drive the markets.

This means that there are some immediate actions you’ll need to take in order to seize big profits – and prevent even bigger losses.

Now there are some trading and financial experts out there who say that earnings season is overrated.

But I strongly disagree… especially when it comes to options traders like you and me.

Here’s why…

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Capture Price Moves on the “M” and the “W” to make 100% Gains by Monday’s Market Close

The March jobs report was released this morning, showing that the U.S. added 215,000 jobs, which is up from economists’ projection of 203,000 jobs.

These numbers further add to the increasing level of confidence consumers have about the economy and investors have about the markets…

And this means that we could be looking at some great trading opportunities with triple-digit profit opportunities next week.

On Wednesday, we talked about Bollinger Bands and how you can use them to play this rising investor confidence.

And as you’ll recall… I mentioned that there are two key technical patterns to follow when using this tool.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly what they are and how you can use them to maximize your profits before the bell rings on Monday.

Let’s get started.

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