Month: May 2016

The Crucial “Timing Tip” You Should Know Before the Market Opens on Tuesday

Trading is a timing game.

And when it comes to options in particular, timing is absolutely critical.

Now you may have heard that options are fixed-time investments that expire on a specific date.

While that is true, that “fixed time” feature doesn’t have to work against you.

In fact, it can give you the flexibility to focus your trade the way you want – a flexibility you don’t have with a straight long or short equity position.

But you need to know how to handle this “fixed time” aspect, as it can make the difference between pocketing a small 15% gain and a gigantic 300% winner.

Don’t worry…

I’m going help you get this all down pat right now.

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This Low-Cost “Summer Play” Could Pay for Your Vacation

“Only the pros can trade options.”

This is probably the most common delusion about options that’s out there, aside from options being too risky.

But quite the contrary…

Every day, more and more people use options as their trading or investing method. Whether it’s to protect a portfolio of stocks or to take a small, leveraged position to control a larger quantity of stock, options are a great way to profit off any market condition.

Say, for example, that you’re a long-term investor who’s concerned about the safety of your portfolio. You can use options as insurance to help minimize the risk of a correction in the markets.

Likewise, say you want to get in on a hot new tech stock but don’t want to put a lot of capital into a position. Options trading could be the perfect answer for you.

Now last week, we talked about a strategy you can use to start generating income on a monthly basis. But this required you to own the stock in question – something you may not want to do.

So today, I’m going to show another easy way to make money without needing to own the stock first.

And this powerful play could help you squeeze time for cash… and set you up for endless profit potential.

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