Month: June 2016

One Lesson Every Trader Can Learn from the NBA Finals

Four nights ago, you witnessed history.

And in case you didn’t, here’s what happened…

The Cleveland Cavaliers were down three games. Now, in the history of the NBA, no team has ever come back from a deficit of three to win the championship series.

But on Sunday night, they beat the odds and became the first team in history to accomplish that feat and have been celebrating ever since.

Now you may be wondering what the heck the NBA finals have to do with you – and your money.

And the answer is…


Here’s why…

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How to Avoid the Market’s Most Dangerous Game

At the beginning of the year, we talked about a strategy that is used to sell stock without actually owning the shares first.

And as you’ll recall, I said that I’d never  recommend this strategy to anyone. And I’d never use it myself, either.

But you’ve been asking a lot of questions recently about how dangerous this method of capturing gains really is – especially if it’s only used in the short term.

And I know that you’ve even seen articles from financial “gurus” who’ve not only attempted to refute all of the risks involved – but who’ve also promoted it.

So before you consider doing this…

I’m going to show you a much better way to lock in the same types of profits – without all of that risk.

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