Month: November 2016

The Easiest Way to “Make Your Money Back” from Holiday Shopping

You won’t believe what happened today…

While getting some work done on the house, a construction guy asked me what I do. I told him that I’ve been trading for nearly 30 years and coach investors on pinpointing low-cost, low-risk, and high-profit trades. So he asked me for some tips on how to cash in on the stock market’s new all-time highs – especially during the holiday season.

I told him exactly what I’ll tell you…

You could spend hours upon hours researching every single “holiday stock” out there and how it’s performed historically, especially since Black Friday…

Or you could save your precious time – and simply trade the whole sector.

your precious time – and simply trade the whole sector.

And here’s how…

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These Three Industries Won’t Thank Trump – But Your Wallet Will

Since what some have coined an “unprecedented” presidential election, there’s been so much information from so-called financial “experts” about how to allocate your money for the largest returns.

It’s enough to make your head explode.

What the experts neglected to tell you is how this method ultimately leaves you at the mercy of the markets.

And that’s the last place you want to find yourself…

You can control the short- and long-term future of your portfolio (and your bank account) without waiting for the next major headline. All you need are the best opportunities on stocks poised to pop or drop since Trump’s victory.

Now I already covered the “pop” part, when I showed you the three sectors that are eyeing enormous gains during Trump’s term.

And here’s the “worst performers list” – the three sectors set to drop…

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Trump Won… Now These Three Sectors Will, Too

The pundits, major media, and many in Congress got it wrong when it came to the election.

But that’s not what I want to talk about right now.

What I want to focus on, instead, are the new profit opportunities that have presented themselves over the past 48 hours.

There are three sectors in particular that couldn’t be happier about President-elect Trump.

And the first one may surprise you…

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The Biggest Story They’re Not Telling You Right Now

All eyes have been on Election Night.

But I’ve been watching something else…

Something the mainstream media didn’t want on the front page.


We already know about their exploding phone problem. They’ve got an exploding washing machine problem. And as of yesterday, they’ve got an exploding presidential scandal, too…

This is horrible news for them – but great news for you.

And here’s why…

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The Best Way to Play Earnings Ahead of the Election

Thankfully, the presidential election is almost here.

There’s a wealth of research out there documenting what happens to the markets immediately after a Republican or Democrat wins the White House, and what it means in the long term.

Conventional wisdom – and research by Yale Hirsch, in fact – suggests that no matter who wins the presidency, stocks tend to decline the first year after an election and then rise over the next three.

That is, until recently… markets went up after George H.W. Bush’s election in 1988, both of Bill Clinton’s wins, and Obama’s first win.

So with all this uncertainty, it’s no surprise that traders are having a tough time. And on top of that, we’re smack dab in the middle of earnings season…

So today, I want to show you a trading technique that should prove much more reliable than trying to play the outcome of the election.

Let’s get started…

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The Only Two Tools You Need to Make an Easy Fortune in the Markets

Hundreds of different technical analysis indicators and oscillators are at your fingertips today that you can use to set up your most profitable trades. And hundreds more are introduced every year.

Here’s the problem…

Trying to chart all of them is not only useless – it could also hurt your trades. You end up looking at such an intricate, spider web of a mess on your screen that you can’t even see the price of the stock you’re tracking.

But there’s a very easy fix to this…

Instead of combining every technical tool you’ve ever come across, there’s really only two you need.

Both of these actually lay the groundwork for every trading decision you’ll ever need to make.

And unlike the others, they allow you to track stock price movements and patterns in real time.

Here’s the first one…

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