This Secret Pattern Reveals the Exact Date to Buy Gold

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a lot of talk about gold in the news this week.

Now gold has always been considered a “safe haven” for your money because it’s a way for investors to hedge against inflation. But that’s not what the financial TV news pundits are talking about.

On Monday, gold prices hit a 10-month low. Between that and the upcoming Fed decision next Wednesday and Thursday on raising interest rates, it seems like the perfect opportunity to stock up on gold.

But market chatter doesn’t predict anything – patterns do.

And this secret pattern says to avoid gold until this exact date.

Why Shopping for Gold Starting January 3rd Is The Smartest Way To Lock In Profits

By now, I’m sure you’ve got your “holiday wish list” from all of your friends and family. I’m going to venture on guessing that most of the gifts that made the cut are electronic gaming systems, games, and other gaming accessories. Also making the cut are probably iPhones, iPads, laptops, and the newest craze, virtual reality headsets.

What you probably aren’t seeing (I know I’m not) is gold jewelry – or anything gold for that matter–  unless  it’s in the form of stock or buillons.

Gold is a commodity you can use to diversify your portfolio and really something you can consider as an investment when you don’t feel confident in equities or the overall stock market. That’s why it’s been historically known as the safe haven for your money.

It’s also a good place for you to park your money in the long term (beyond 20 to 30 days) for more conservative growth – but not right now.

Here’s why…

I’ve pinpointed a gold pattern using my proprietary tool, Money Calendar. Now I analyzed over 10 years worth of price movements on the most popular gold stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) during the 14 days before December 25th. But of them all,  the one that tells the greatest story is the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (NYSE: GLD).

Below is an actual screenshot of the data I pulled from Money Calendar. You can see in the top line that over the past 12 years, GLD has gone down in price an average of $1.58 (or a point and a half) 14 trading days prior to Christmas.


It gets even worse when you wait a day and analyze GLD the 13 days prior to Christmas. Over that time frame, the stock fell $2.02 (or two points) on average. That’s almost half of a percentage point difference in just one day!

Only after December 26th does the upward movement begin. But keep in mind, the last week of the year following the holidays tends to have lighter trading volumes. So personally, I’m not even going to touch gold until January 3rd,  after everyone’s come back from vacation and trading volumes have returned to normal, so to speak – and you shouldn’t either.

In fact, earlier this year, my Money Calendar Alert members had the chance to participate in four different trading opportunities on this same pattern for a combined gain of 456.38% – all in less than 30 days.

And come January, I’ll be sending out a new round of profit opportunities.

To see how you can get in on this, just click here.

I’ll talk to you again soon…

Tom Gentile

9 Responses to “This Secret Pattern Reveals the Exact Date to Buy Gold”

  1. There is never a bad time to buy physical gold. It is the ultimate form of insurance against financial collapse. If you are going to speculate in the paper markets, make sure you have a good core position in physical metal because having it in your hand when you need it is the only way that it can protect you from calamity because it is currency and money. Nobody doesn’t accept gold. Gold and silver reigns supreme as non inflatable money but only if you are holding it in your hand.

  2. Both Jim Rickards and Doug Casey are predicting huge gold increases in January. Influencing issues are 1. New Islamic law on Jan 1st; 2. Issuance of the “new money” by the IMF also in January; 3. new demand on gold stocks because of gold scarcity; 4. Chinese buying gold in vast quantities. Others like Porter Stansberry are forecasting a rise to at least $10,000 per ounce from now on in 2017.????
    So who is right?

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