Month: June 2017

Here are the Top Two Sectors to Trade Right Now

The stock market’s record winning streak was cut short on Tuesday afternoon following the news that the Senate was delaying their health care vote until after their Fourth of July recess. This means we could be looking at the potential for some volatility until then.

But to be honest with you… I’m really not a “why” guy when it comes to the markets. So whether or not the latest developments out of Washington cause more uncertainty is not my main concern.

What I care most about is giving you everything you need to spot the most profitable opportunities right now.

And that’s why I want to give you my top two sector picks  – and the best ways to play them…

The Only Time Dividends Can Hurt You

We all know why everyone loves dividends.

After all, you’re “getting paid” for doing nothing more than buying shares of a company. You’re not actually hauling products to their stores and stocking their shelves. And it’s not like you’re making the decisions on how to run to run that company, either.

So that’s a pretty sweet deal for investors.

But not for options traders.

In fact, dividends could be your worst nightmare when you’ve got options in your portfolio…

Unless you know this little trick…