Month: August 2017

Eight Stocks You’ll Need to Protect Your Portfolio from North Korea

Kim Jong-Un may think he’s got the world markets in chaos right now, thanks to the latest missile test over Japanese airspace…

But he’s wrong.

In fact, the Dow and Nasdaq are back in the green as of the time of writing, with the S&P 500 only less than 1% away from doing the same.

That’s why dumping your stocks based on world news events is the fastest – and easiest way – of putting your retirement savings at risk.

Instead, you should be buying stocks.

And here’s a list of the eight stocks you’ll need in your portfolio right now…

The Fastest Way to Double Your Money before Labor Day

As hard as it is to believe, Labor Day’s right around the corner.

But while everyone’s planning their unofficial “end-of-summer” barbeques and beach parties…

I’m watching something else.

You see, there’s a very lucrative pattern forming in the stock market right now.

It’s happened in eight of the last 10 years in the weeks leading up to and shortly after the holiday.

It’s got the power to put triple-digit gains in your pocket – in less than two weeks.

And there’s two unique ways to play it – before time runs out…