Two Easy Ways to Pocket Triple-Digit Gains on Amazon’s New Deal, Inc. (AMZN) has been in the news a lot this week – for both good and bad reasons. Take Wednesday, for example, when the media heads were raving about AMZN’s deal with Kohl’s to start selling smart home products, like the Echo. Fast forward a day, and these same pundits were questioning the company over the latest accusations of ignoring tax fraud in the U.K.

This can cause some pretty mixed messaging about whether the stock is worth adding to or keeping in your portfolio.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today…

You don’t need to wait for the talking heads in the media to tell you what you should do next –  you can make money no matter what type of press AMZN gets.

And these are the two best strategies to do just that…

Urgent Message from Tom: This simple trick could change the way you think about every dollar invested in the markets.

There are two big catalysts right now that could cause a pop or drop in AMZN: a boost in their overall revenue from their deal with Kohl’s and their upcoming earnings report on October 26.

Now we can’t know for sure what will happen – but we can get use technicals to pinpoint the best strategies to use no matter where the stock goes…


What you’re looking at above is what’s called a “Fibonacci View” of the stock. I placed the Fibonacci Retracement Tool from my proprietary software on the year-to-date chart on AMZN to see if it’s currently trading at or up off of a Fibonacci Support line. A key Fibonacci retracement level (where the underlying stock could find support), is at the 38.2% retracement. I drew a purple oval on the chart at the 38.2% level, which is at a price point of $938.39.

When you look at the last bar to the right of the chart (the last trading day), you’ll see AMZN coming very close to touching that price on an intra-day basis and then trading up off its lows to close around $956.08. I zoomed in on the chart to give you a better view of the last trading day and to also highlight this price area as the current support level for the stock:


Now there’s two easy ways you can play the stock from here…

  1. You can buy long calls with 30- to 60-day expirations ( or even Long-Term Anticipation Securities, or LEAPS) if you believe this is strong enough support for AMZN. This could indicate more strength to come, which is why you’d want to use a bullish strategy to make some money. You could also consider a call debit spread with a 30-day expiration and at a price where the option you’re selling is one in which you believe the stock will be trading higher than at expiration.
  2. You can buy puts if you see AMZN breaking below support. This could indicate further weakness to come, so you’d want to use a bearish strategy to pocket profits.

To your continued success…

Tom Gentile

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  1. I play a small trade on AMZN every Friday. I only buy 1 contract because I have only been doing this for three weeks. If it works as well this week as it did the first two, I will trade more. On Friday I buy a call and a put about $20 out of the money so they are not so expensive. This week I paid a total of $448 for the call and put. Next week I will sell one of them for $500 or more. (the more the better). Of course I have sold near the top or bottom for the week (so far I have not been too successful at that) but at least I now hold the other half free of any cost. I use that position as the basis for a credit spread that will expire out of the money. So far this has not made me wealthy but I made 23% the first week and 37% last week. I could have made more if I had enough cash for the maintenance requirement so I could sell closer to the weeks closing price but maybe that is a good thing because the closing price is pretty unpredictable for AMZN.

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