How to Make Your First Million Dollars – in Three Easy Steps

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to be the smartest, most talented, most athletic, person you know to be able to make a great deal of wealth in this life.

Being a trader allows you the opportunity for that type of wealth. And you can learn to trade – and be successful — even if you can’t dribble a basketball or carry a tune.

Anyone can do it. In fact, trading is the great equalizer.

You just have to have the right tools in your belt…

That’s why I want to share some stunning footage with you. Because if you follow the simple instructions in this video…You’ll learn how to position yourself to collect a potential payday of $2,918.

Pay close attention at 03:48 in this footage. This is where the money begins flowing into his account. When you see how easy this is, it’s going to blow your mind. See it right here.

And while it may seem impossible to become a millionaire – it’s actually easy to do.

All you need to do is stick to these three simple rules

This Is Where Making Your Millions Begins

Last October, Atlanta Falcons Owner, Arthur Blank, invited me and my family to the Falcons – Patriots game as his VIP guests. And boy, did he pull out all the stops…

I thought we were just going to sit in the Owner’s box, but we got escorted out to the field through the same tunnel the players use – and we got to watch them warm up, too! In fact, one of the players locked noticed my son wearing his number and stopped to give him a big bear hug. Some of the cheerleaders even came over to take pictures with my kids.

It was one of my best “Dad” moments…

Now I’ve known Arthur for nearly 35 years – long before he became a self-made billionaire and while I was working my way through college (I’ll tell you more about that in a second).

And while it may seem impossible to become a millionaire – it’s actually easy to do.


Before we get into the three simple steps to making your first million, I want to share something with you about Arthur that you might now know…

I met him back in 1983 when I was working my way through college at a small little company Arthur founded, called Home Depot (HD). Back then, there were only a handful of stores, so he used to come in at night with a bunch of pizza and help us stock the shelves.

And it was then that he shared with me the secrets to his success…

  1. Be Persistent – Even if it “Kills” You
Home Deput

What you’re looking at above is the very first Home Depot store in Georgia. This was back when the company was so small, the owners use to take money from their own pockets to make sure each and every employee was paid. At the time, Kmart was the big competitor… they had plenty of money, but like many older retailers, they didn’t want their employees to be creative. They wanted things done by the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), which turned out to be their biggest mistake.

Arthur used to preach “persistence” to us all the time in management training classes. His idea of persistent was to be category dominant. He didn’t want to become just another retailer – he wanted to corner the entire home improvement business. And he did just that… Home Depot is now the home improvement powerhouse. And Kmart? Well we all know what happened to them – lack of persistence led to their demise.

Persistence is just as crucial to your trading – and your financial success.

The most important thing you can do as a trader is to be persistent and make your money work for you – not the other way around. Step outside of the traditional forms of investing and be confident in knowing that everyone takes a loss from time to time, including myself. It’s okay… it’s about the overall number of winning trades versus losing ones. So don’t let one bad trade get you down.

  1. Never Stop Learning While You Earn

Back in the ’80s, Arthur always used to say, “We’re not in the home improvement business – we’re in the people business.” It took me a while to understand exactly what I meant by that, as I thought he was simply referring to servicing customers.

But it was much deeper than that. It wasn’t about just ringing them up at the cash register – it was about creating the full customer experience. And Home Depot went out of its way to not only sell products – it taught people everything they needed to know to improve their homes without spending thousands of their hard-earned money paying someone else to do what they could. This concept turned the retail establishment on their heels, which is why the likes of K-Mart never stood a chance.

The same is true of trading and making your first million.

Just like building or improving a house, know the how is the most important part. That means constantly building your knowledge and creating a strict set of rules (rules-based trading) that allow you to take the emotion out trading (which prevents you from making the types of mistakes the people who lose all of their money to the markets make).

  1. Share Your Success

Arthur also always taught us to give back – and I’m not just talking about cash; I’m talking about time, too. Now he was always a huge contributor to Habitat for Humanity. I didn’t have the wealth then that I have now, so I gave back by helping rebuild housing projects in Atlanta. And I’ve got to tell you… there’s nothing like seeing the smiles on the faces of those you help.

So I’ve made it my personal mission to follow in Arthur’s footsteps by giving back in any way I can. That’s why – despite my wife wanting me to retire – I’m still doing what I do. I believe, just like Arthur, in helping others reach their dreams. I want to share everything I learned in my journey with you so that you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted – the easy way.

If not for my experiences at the Home Depot and the American Stock Exchange, I wouldn’t be who I am today – or where I am today. And it’s my lifelong commitment to help you reach all of your dreams and become the best trader you can be.

If not for my experiences at the Home Depot and the American Stock Exchange, I wouldn’t be who I am today – or where I am today.

I always knew there had to be a better – and faster – way to build my wealth to get everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

Now – for the first time – I’m pulling back the curtain and revealing all the trading secrets and strategies I’ve used to become a multimillionaire, so you can amass a fast fortune for yourself.

Using the same intelligence from my patent-pending invention – The Money Calendar – I’m going to show you how to set up a series of take-it-to-the-bank payouts of $605… $822… $1,190… $2,830 every single week.

I’ll guide you step by step, click by click, on how to set up your account…

All you have to do is follow along – no guesswork.

And most importantly – I’ll give you an easy-to-follow blueprint for achieving complete financial freedom.

And the best part is… it’ll only take you 10 minutes per day.

Click here now to start this once-in-a-lifetime journey…

It’s my lifelong commitment to help you reach all of your dreams and become the best trader you can be.

I just hope that I can be half the mentor to you that Arthur Blank was to me.

To your continued success…

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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