The Single Best Way to Beat Market Volatility

You’ve heard it all before…

They’re dangerous. They’re the fastest way to lose money. No one ever wins by playing these “odds.”

But none of this is true.

In fact, the Wall Streeters’ worst fear is the day you find out they’ve been misleading you (if not outright lying to you).

The truth is… their best-kept “secret” is the key to unlocking unlimited profits in any market condition.

And here’s how…

Why Options are the Only Option When it Comes to Cashing In On Volatility

Let me make a commitment to you right now…

I’m going to show you everything you need to make a lifetime of profits in the stock market.

And I’m not talking about fifty bucks here and there, either…

I’m talking about the kind of money that will change your life.

The kind that will take care of you when you retire, send your kid to a great college, and double – even triple – your money fast.

And we’re going to do it with options.

In fact, I’ve got a very special opportunity that could double – even triple – your money. And I’m releasing it very soon.

Now I know…

You’ve probably heard at some point in time that options are “risky” and “not worth it…”

But here’s the cold, hard truth:

This is financial propaganda.

I know this because if it weren’t for options, I might still be riding around in my old 1978 Ford Fiesta and working the forklift at Home Depot instead of building my getaway home in New Zealand.

And honestly, the Wall Street billionaires and hedge fund managers who spread propaganda about options don’t even want you interested in learning about them – let alone trading them.

That’s because they want to hoard all the profits and leave you at the mercy of the markets.

That’s also why they keep pushing this ridiculous myth that options are too risky, too complicated, and not worth your time.

In fact, I spent two decades on the floor of the American Stock Exchange making the kind of money they’re trying to keep from you.

Wall Street would rather have you dump hundreds of thousands of dollars on the most expensive stocks out there so they can take the profits – all the while knowing there’s a much faster, easier, safer, and less expensive way to make money.

But not me.

And that’s exactly why I’m showing you the seven reasons why options are the fastest way to make a lifetime of profits:

  1. Options Can Easily Double – or Triple – Your Money

Options offer an amazing versatility that you can use in a variety of ways to profit from a rise or fall in the underlying market. And in times of high market volatility, options are a welcome relief from the uncertainties of traditional investing methods.

And, by choosing to follow this simple strategy, you could be in position to collect money every 15 days on average… no matter if the markets are up, down, or sideways. All told, at the rate we’re going, that’s enough to hand you up to an easy $162,000 this year without breaking a sweat. Go here now to see it in action… and how to take the easy steps to start receiving your potential money-doubling trade recommendations each week.

  1. Options Safely Provide You with Leverage

When you buy stock, you’re at the mercy of the markets, which could cost you bigtime. That’s what Wall Street is banking on. In fact, U.S. stocks are more expensive now than ever before. So, for example, if you want to buy one share of, Inc. (AMZN), you would have to spend around $1,000… for a single share. And more often than not, people want to own more than a single share of stock in their portfolios.

But with options, you can actually control 100 shares of an expensive stock like AMZN for as low as even $500. Just imagine the kind of money you could make controlling 100 shares of stock at $500 compared to trading just one share of stock at over $1,000.

  1. Options Reduce Your Risk

I’m willing to bet that you have insurance on your car or house because it’s the responsible – and safe – thing to do. Think of options in the same way. They can provide you with the same kind of safety net for your investments and trades.

Since you can control shares of a specific stock, you can also increase your leverage without tying up a large amount of capital in your trading account. And as I mentioned above, options are extremely versatile and offer strategies you can use to boost your profits while minimizing your risk… a luxury basic equity positions simply don’t offer.

  1. Options Allow You to Trade All Markets

You can quickly – and easily – create a potentially unlimited stream of income by simply adding options to your portfolio. And the best part is… you’re not limited by market direction. Whether the market moves up, down, or sideways, there’s always a way for you to profit using options.

  1. Options Aren’t Just Tools for the Elite Anymore

Options used to be reserved for the elite few. But not anymore… Now options are accessible to all people. And virtually any discount broker provides access to them.

Imagine this… you get a ding on your smart phone right around noon on Monday. You check out the analysis and easy-to-follow recommendation… decide to make a few clicks… and boom! By Friday, you could be collecting tons of extra money. It’s truly that simple. And, it only takes about 4 ½ minutes for most people to set this up. And thanks to this fast-paced strategy I’ve developed, you could make piles of extra cash faster than anything you’ve ever tried. Click here to see it in action – and learn how to start using this quick-hit method.

  1. You Can Start with Very Little Money

One of the best benefits of trading options is that you don’t need much money to start. While the minimum amounts to start trading vary from broker to broker, most brokerages only require a deposit of $2,000 or less.

  1. Options Have Never Been Easier to Trade

When people first started trading options, they mainly had to rely on newspapers and brokers to find, place, and track their trades. Nowadays, you can search for and place your trades online. And you can track your trades in a matter of seconds – and free of charge – using financial websites like Yahoo! Finance.

And if you’re that unique person who loves action, who loves winning, and who loves finding new ways to make money fast, then trading options is for you.

Now, the next step is simply find out how to get started.

But I’ve got you covered…

You see, I’ve teamed up with two world-class, short-term options trading experts to bring you only the best trade opportunities virtually every day.

In the 185 trading days since it’s started, a very small pilot group of our best readers have been seeing 212 double and triple digit opportunities to win…

Over specific period of time last year, they had the chance to average $7,370 per day… $8,810 per day… even $19,375 per trading day in winning closeouts.

As you can imagine, the impact this kind of income can have on your life is massive.

And my team has no plans of slowing down.

So now, moving forward, we’re not only expecting between 300-400 trade recommendations a year…

We’re guaranteeing you won’t go a single trading day without at least one opportunity to double or triple digit win on average.

Everything is spelled out right here

Trust me, you don’t want to miss a second of this fast-paced action.

Tom Gentile

America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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