Everything You Need to Know to Cash in on Cryptos this Month

We all know March was a rough month – but it wasn’t just rough for the stock market– the crypto market struggled as well…

And in the past, stormy weather for the stock market, meant good things for crypto – so logically, people took their money there.

But we all know the markets don’t always make sense….

But here’s the thing…

The move down in March might have come to a surprise to many, but not to me.

In fact, by using my proprietary set of tools, not only did I expect a downtrend in March, but I know what’s coming in April…

Here’s why…

It’s All About The Patterns

As you know I am a pattern trader, and while that doesn’t guarantee a move in my direction every time, it gives me some unemotional clarity in high volatility.  Trading and emotion should never go hand in hand.  As many of us have personally witnessed, greed makes us do things that we shouldn’t when it comes to trading, and fear keeps us from doing the things we should.

That’s why it’s important to have a clear set of rules. These rules allow us to curb our emotions and do what’s best for our portfolio.

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But let’s get back to patterns…

This table above was taken on March 1.  It showed me based on years of history that Bitcoin typically doesn’t do well in the month of March.  In fact, six of the last seven years, Bitcoin has actually fallen during the month of March.

This is a pattern that very few people even knew about.  And while I am never happy when the market falls – it’s nice to not be surprised.

But here’s the good news…

This image was taken on March 25.  It shows that the five to seven days before April 1 Bitcoin has gone up in value 90% of the time over the last seven years.

So if history repeats itself, than we should see this pattern happen again very shortly.

How much could Bitcoin rise?  Well last month the coin sat at $12,000.  If we hit $12,000 on the way back up, that’s a 50% increase in the digital currency.  This would be a huge move for those who are peering in from the outside, but it’s a regular month for crypto traders.  And it gets better from there…

The smaller alt-coins typically have greater percentage moves up when Bitcoin rises.  That means I am expecting to see some doubles and triples on several coins in the month of April.

For those of you who are long-term crypto currencies traders right now, be patient.

Your time will come, and while you wait, remember that your risk is low – but the possibilities for profits is unlimited.

And for those of you on the sidelines, April might be the best month this year to learn what other Power Profit Traders already know.  Crypto’s are unlike anything you have ever seen, and that due to the technology that’s behind them, they are here to stay.

I hope to help guide you through this area in the future.  Who knows, I might even do a live webinar or two to get you started!

In the meantime, I just released an eye-opening presentation showing you exactly how to play the upcoming cryptocurrency rally. In fact, I’ve prepared exact step-by-step instructions on making this cryptocurrency trade recommendation… including how to buy a little-known alt-coin that could turn a tiny stake into $45,000. Go here now for all the details.

That’s all for now,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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