Month: April 2018

Why the Old “Buy and Hold” is No Longer the Way to Go

No matter if you have a mutual fund account, an IRA, or an employer-sponsored retirement account, you’ve probably been told at some point in time: put your money in for the long term in order to build your wealth.  

This mirrors the idea that contributing a specific percentage or dollar amount of your paycheck during your working years will set you up for a nice retirement – and it’s the single most common piece of investment advice out there.

But here’s my concern…

The amount of money and time you need to build your wealth depends on your own lifestyle and desires. There’s no “magic number” for you to reach. Your wealth is what you want it to be.

Now I’m not disputing that you can make money over the long haul…

I’m saying there’s a much faster – and much easier – way to finally get that vacation house you’ve always dreamed of…       

That’s why I’m going to completely pull back the curtain and share ALL of my trading secrets that I’ve used to become a multi-millionaire, so you can amass a fast fortune for yourself.

I’m prepared to give you an easy-to-follow blueprint for grabbing super-quick cash payouts of $605… $822… $1,190… $2,830 every single week… You can see it all laid out right here.

So don’t let Wall Street hold you back any longer.

It’s time to get a headstart on your financial goals.

Three Ways to Score Big Profits on Your Next Earnings Play

In a recent interview with CNBC, Jack Bogle – the former CEO and founder of Vanguard Group — admitted he had “never seen a market this volatile in 66 years.”

On top of this, we’ve got earnings season to contend with, which could send the markets soaring or crashing…

And when the uncertainty is high, I know it’s easy to be tempted to sit on the sidelines entirely…

But when you pull yourself out of the game due to unstable markets, you may be safe, but you miss huge profit opportunities too.  

In fact, just last week, while the S&P rocked up and down, a small group of my readers had the chance to pick up a fast $850, $1,700, even $6,800 in  just a few days! Even better, this fast action happens every single week. Go here now to find out how to get in on Monday’s play.

So, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how to trade through earnings – even in one of the most volatile markets we’ve seen.

And it’s easier than you think