This Unknown Strategy Could Double Your Money by Next Week

Everyone loves to make a fast profit – but many don’t even know where to start…

That’s why today I want to talk to you about the fastest moving stocks in the market and show you just how you can profit off them.

So, here’s what I mean…

Here’s What You Need to Know

In today’s video, I address a question I recently got from one of my subscribers…

“How can I make a list of stocks that move on average more than the entire stock database?”

Well everyone has a different strategy, but I do what I call a “movers scan.”

Here’s the criteria that my scan looks for:

  • The stock must move at least 2% a day.
  • The stock must move for a minimum of seven days.
  • The price of the stock must be $25 or greater. This assures that the options for this stock will be liquid enough for a short-term trade.

Once the stock is identified, next you will want too:

  • Determine how exactly I want to trade the stock.
  • Think about the price and time frame to create a low-risk trade. I personally wouldn’t want to be in this trade for more than a week.
  • Plan your targets and stops before you jump into the trade.
  • Lastly, identify your target and the stock price that you feel comfortable at.

So that’s how I begin to put together the list of stocks that are moving much faster than the rest of the herd – and then move forward to plan and execute the perfect fast-paced trade.

But the money making doesn’t have to stop there…

In fact, I’ve got three more moves on my radar for June…

Each could put you in position for the following quick-hit paydays: June 11- $1,792, June 18 – $1,687, $1,491 – June 25…

Even better, anyone who chooses to make these moves could see that cash in their account in four days or less.

So make sure to check the details out right now.

Good Trading,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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