Month: July 2018

Three Simple Rules To Improve Your Trades – Regardless of the Market’s Next Move

The tech sector is one of the fastest moving markets in the world…

But there are four stocks that rule the roost of this ever-growing sector, and most recently, they rocked the market with their earnings reports.

And while they can make you some major profits -they can also crash your portfolio unless you know how to play them right…

So, here’s everything you need to know…

The One Thing You Need to Make Money in Today’s Market

You’ve already chosen your broker and started the process of opening your options account. That means you’re almost ready to trade.

So naturally, the next step is trading, right?

Not quite…

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions surrounding one topic: how do I get started?

Well, today we’re going to go back to the basics – and I’m going to tell you all my secrets to make this process quick and easy so you can get to making profits.

So, here’s what you need to know

These Patterns Are All You Need To Bank Big Profits During Earnings

Recently, I sent you an email where I discussed some potential stocks that are on my radar for the upcoming earnings season.

And I received a lot of questions about how exactly I go through and look at earnings…

That’s why today I’m going to let you in on all my secrets so you can prepare for major profits to come.

So, here’s what you need to know…

So, here’s what you need to know

Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare is Your Next Big Payday

Wall Street has tried to keep this money making tactic from you.

And they’ve give you warning after warning to stay away from this lucrative opportunity.

But I’m done playing by Wall Street’s games…

So, today, I’m going to let you in on a secret that gives you a real shot at making some serious cash in the market. Like $1,450.41 in 16 days, $923.23 in 36 days, even $1,075.58 in 16 days. And when you add up this kind of cash over and over again, your opportunities become limitless (Go here to find out how.)

I’m talking about the cash that can help pay off you debts, cover that dream vacation, or buy you your dream house.

In fact, you too can start receiving the lucrative recommendations leading to these payouts each and every week.

And here it is

This Earnings Play Could Double Your Money by July 26

According to the so-called analysts on the financial news networks, escalating trade war tensions and uncertainties are to blame for the Dow’s first loss in its five-day winning streak.

Here’s the funny thing, though…

That “winning streak” they were ranting and raving about was less than 1% (0.8%, to be exact). Imagine how long it would take to reach your financial dreams if that’s the best return you could make per week.

You’re looking at a 3.2% return in one month (and that’s contingent upon the Dow trading higher every single day for the next 30 days).

But not one small group of traders…

While the Dow was chugging along, they locked down seven triple-digit closeouts, including partial closeouts – for 878.26% total gains.

And now, thanks to this time-tested method, you’ve got an opportunity to double your money on a unique earnings play by July 26.

Here’s everything you need to know

Make 650.42% in Three Days – No Matter What the Stock Market’s Doing

It’s no surprise we just got through one of the most volatile quarters we’ve seen in years. One day, the stock market’s up nearly 300 points, and the next, it’s deep in the red by as far as 500 points.

Now these kinds of price swings are wreaking havoc investors’ portfolios – to the point where many have decided to step away from the markets altogether. The problem is, those investors don’t even realize the kind of profits they’re skipping out on.

But not these guys…

You wouldn’t believe how much income they were able to make in just two days – effortlessly.

Here’s how they did it – and how you can too

Here’s The Only Way To Play President Trump’s Trade Wars

In case you’ve missed the news, President Trump’s trade wars have officially begun.

After months of circulating rumors and political rhetoric, a 25% levy on $34 billion of Chinese goods entering the U.S. took effect just after midnight.

And neither side is showing any signs of backing down, as China retaliated immediately and slapped U.S. shipments with “retaliatory” tariffs.

Now, as you might guess, this could cause quite the disruption in an already volatile and uncertain market – especially when you don’t know when the next set of “retaliatory” tariffs might hit.

So here’s everything you need to know to survive even the worst of the trade wars