The Only Thing They’re Not Saying About TSLA’s Earnings

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Whether it be Elon Musk and his daily Twitter tantrums or the production numbers surrounding the Model 3 – Tesla (TSLA) knows how to get its name out in the media.

But after last night, the only thing they’re talking about is the latest earnings report.

The problem is: They’re missing the bigger picture – and it’s the only way to capture profits on this shocking earnings report.

So here’s what they’re missing…

Here’s How You Can Play TSLA for Major Gains

TSLA seems to be something everyone is talking about.

And as most of you know, I love TSLA. I own the Model S and that’s the car that got my family and me out of Hurricane Irma’s path. But with an outspoken CEO and problems surrounding their promising autopilot technology – investors have hit the brakes on this evolving company.

Regardless, on Wednesday afternoon, all eyes were on the company as it geared up to report its second-quarter earnings results. Many were banking on the fact that TSLA has begun to pump up production and deliveries which could lead to the financial portion of the company improving.

As we all know, though, a possibility is just that when it comes to the market.

Many analysts have been scrambling to scale their earnings to the news that has surrounded the company over the past few months…

But here’s the thing… as we’ve learned over the past few weeks, earnings can really do a number on any stock regardless of the predictions.

And here’s how the much awaited earnings report went…

You see, the pundits explained it like this: These earnings weren’t great from a financial angle – but they weren’t as bad as everyone expected.

As far as sales, they came in at $4 billion which was a 43.3% year-over-year increase.

But the company also generated a loss of $3.06 per share which came in $0.24 over what analysts expected. They ended the quarter with $2.23 billion in cash which was down from $2.8 billion last quarter.

The sigh of relief that followed came from the deficit numbers – the car giant came in with a $739 million deficit when the expected was $889 million. Quite the victory for the company.

Regardless of any sigh of relief though, TSLA’s earnings reports were anything but stable.

Now, you’re probably thinking the only way to play this tech stock is to not play it at all…

But there’s a profit to be made…

And that’s by using options.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – when it comes to the stock market, the big wigs of Wall Street have warned you against options but I’m going to be honest here: The only success they care about is their own.

But with unsteady markets and unpredictable earnings report, options is the only way to grab profits like you’re hoping to.

You see, options offer an amazing versatility that you can use in a variety of ways to profit from the markets, no matter if they’re up, down, or sideways. And in times of high market volatility, options can act as a financial “escape” from the uncertainties of traditional investing methods.

That’s exactly why when it comes to TSLA and its recent report – options are the only way to score a profit and protect yourself while you’re at it…

Everyone knows Elon Musk has been quite controversial over the years but these days the CEO has seemed to pull back on his Twitter tantrums and outlandish comments. And even went as far as making what many are calling the “most valuable” apology he could make.

This, paired with the recent uptick after earnings, is leading me towards a bullish outlook for this company…

So here’s how to profit.

With how expensive TSLA is and how fast the stock continues to move, I would look into a call spread with an expiration 60-90 days out – preferably with an expiration in October.

This could deliver the perfect setup with an ample amount of time for the stock to climb to new levels and deliver some major gains.

So, while the analysts drag on about the results of TSLA’s earnings, rest assured you can profit off this car maker’s most recent headline, regardless of which way it turns.

Now, this is just one example of Wall Street pulling the wool over your eyes…

But as Power Profit Trades readers, you know better than to listen to them…

And that’s exactly why I put this Bootcamp video together for you. In it, I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how you can stop playing wall street’s game for good, and start making serious cash.

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Good Trading,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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