The Only Way to Profit off the U.S. Dollar Right Now

Special Note from the Publisher: This message is coming to you from the home office of our Chief Investment Strategist. In all 36+ years in the markets, he’d never seen a reliable predictor of a stock’s momentum… until now. It’s the biggest breakthrough of his career, and timing couldn’t be more perfect. You need to see this now to know why…

Dear Power Profit Trader,

The U.S. dollar just fell for the sixth day in a row, thanks to all the recent developments out of Washington. And of course – President Trump’s ongoing feud with the Fed helps fuel the fire as well…

While this may leave many investors spooked – you don’t have to let this uncertain future affect your trading game.

You can score big on the dollar – right now.

And it’s as easy as this….

Options are Key When it Comes to The U.S. Dollar

Now, before we get into your profits – let’s talk about the basics…

A “strong dollar” allows the U.S. to buy more goods from a foreign country. This can be good for Americans who buy foreign products, like electronics or pharmaceuticals, because it costs less to buy them. On top of that, a strong dollar benefits those traveling overseas on business or vacation because it’s less expensive to travel and pay for lodging, food, and transportation.

On the other hand, a “weak dollar” means that the U.S. can’t buy as many goods from a foreign country. In turn, it becomes more expensive for Americans to pay for foreign products and to travel abroad. That’s because there’s less purchasing power than with a strong dollar, so Americans are left to make up the difference in prices on imported goods.

But there’s a good side and bad side to both scenarios…

When the dollar is strong, we can buy the things we need and want for less, which means we can get a lot more bang for our buck, so to speak. However, it costs more to manufacture U.S. goods overseas, which could affect the ability to sell these products. This could eventually lead to shrinking margins and, therefore, shrinking profits. And that could ultimately result in a loss of U.S. jobs due to halting, shutting down, or moving operations to another country altogether.

A weak U.S. dollar is often considered a bad thing because of the higher costs to export goods and services, especially overseas. But a weak dollar can be good in that exports can sell for much more. And the more that American companies can sell their goods at higher rates, the better the impact on sales and revenues. This not only keeps the companies in operation – it can also lead to growth and more jobs. And job creation is a great thing for the stock market.

But the truth is – there’s only one way to trade in a volatile dollar market – and that’s with options.

Here’s what I mean…

Back on January 8, I sent my members instructions to open a call trade using the (FXE) January 12, 2018 $115 call options. This was based on a strong bullish signal my proprietary tools pinpointed…

Now at the time, the stock itself was trading right at $115.27. So imagine trying to get your hands on 100 shares of it. You would’ve needed $11,527 laying around to dump into (FXE) – and would’ve needed to cross your fingers, hoping for the best.

But not us.

My members only had to pay $75 for 100 shares – that’s an 8,645.25% discount.

Exactly three days after opening this trade, we pocketed a fat double-digit profit.

Here’s the best part, though, if you did fork out thousands of dollars buying individual shares of the stock, you would’ve only made a 0.54% on your return.

That’s why it’s almost laughable to see all of the lies and misinformation out there about options. They offer an amazing versatility that you can use in a variety of ways to profit from a rise or fall in the underlying market. And in times of high volatility (like right now), they’re a welcome relief from the uncertainties of traditional investing methods.

You can very quickly – and very easily – create a potentially unlimited stream of income by simply adding options to your portfolio. And the best part is… you’re not limited by market direction, either. Whether the market is up, down, or sideways, there’s always a way for you to profit using options.

In fact, I’m releasing the next two trade recommendations I’ve found by harnessing the power of Money Calendar at opening bell come Monday morning.

Both are based on incredibly specific, lucrative patterns that have repeated nine out of the last ten year… and have an incredibly high probability of doubling your money in just 30 days or less.

And considering the Money Calendar has already delivered 41 triple-digit winning close outs this year…

It’s time you join in on the action. Here’s how.

Good Trading,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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  1. Gianfrancoepifani

    Dear Tom, it is not so easy to follow you from abroad. Some banks in Italy do not facilitate Buying shares and/or options of most US companies Iis often impossible through Italian banks They only allow a small selection of them and do not include small emerging US companies oten presented as breakthrough.

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