How to Play Marriott’s Explosive Three-Year Plan

Marriott International, the globally known hotel chain, just went live with an explosive three-year growth plan following their merger with Starwood.

This plan includes 1,700 new hotels…295,000 new rooms…and more than $700 million in revenue.

Now, with these heavy-hitting figures – there’s no doubt the stock is getting set to skyrocket.

And here’s exactly how to secure the biggest gains from this growth game plan…

Now, you have probably heard of Marriott International Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR). This company happens to own some of the most well-known hotel chains in the world. And it also happens to be one of my personal favorites when it comes to my travel accommodations.

And on Monday, MAR presented the company’s three-year growth plan at a meeting with institutional investors and security analysts at the New York Marriott Marquis.

This plan comes jam-packed with growth opportunities including a plan to add 275,000 rooms by 2020 and 295,000 by 2021 – with 214,000 already under construction. These new additions are expected to increase revenue per room from 1% to 3%.

And in turn, this growth is expected to deliver $400 million in fee revenue in 2021 – which eventually will grow to $700 million annually after the first few years.

On the stock side of the coin, the company expects their shares to see a nice bump from this explosive growth, with a jump of $7.65 to $8.50 per share by 2021. And buybacks are slated to reap the benefits of this plan, as the company is expecting it to increase from $7.6 billion to $9 billion as well.

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This growth plan follows the company’s merger with Starwood which became solidified on August 18. This merger combined three existing frequent guest programs – Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest — into one. This deal has brought an influx of new customers thanks to the two competitive loyalty programs banning together, so the company is looking to build off a strong start to 2019.

On top of this recent merger, the outlook for the hotel industry has continued to remain optimistic. Though executives typically don’t speak about their “optimism” – at America’s Lodging Investment Summit, a recent conference with over 3,000 attendees – that’s exactly what they did.

At the recent conference, the room was buzzing with positivity surrounding the industry as most focused on the continued strength of the industry, painting a positive future.

So, MAR isn’t wasting any time and is looking to ride this wave of good fortune into next level profits.

And you can get in on this swelling industry if you play it right.

Grow Your Profits with This Explosive Growth Plan

Now, your knee-jerk reaction at this news might be to add a few shares of Marriott International Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) to your portfolio – and that’s not a bad game plan. But there’s a better way to take advantage of this growth plan.

In fact, not only will this strategy deliver the biggest profits – it will keep your cost down as well.”, keeping more money in your pockets.

And this is all done with the power of LEAPs.

Long-term equity anticipation securities on the stock (called LEAPs) are long-term stock options with expirations as far out as three years. These allow you to take part in price increases without the high costs of buying the stock outright – and since LEAPs have much longer expirations, you’ve got much more time for the trade to move in your favor. This long time frame is exactly what we need as this growth plan spans over the next three years.

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