Month: July 2019

The Two Biggest Risks When Selling Options – and How to Avoid Them

There’s an old adage out there that goes a little something like this – “Options are meant to be sold.”

And sure, selling options has the potential to make you a ton of money. But there’s also a risk element there that a lot of people don’t know about…

If you aren’t aware of the risks that come along with selling options, then you could end up losing everything on a single trade.

But today, I’m going to show you exactly how to avoid these risks. Because we’re in the business of making money, not losing it.

If you want to bank big gains selling options, this is the safest time to do it

Netflix’s Impending Fall from Grace Could Supply Your Next Profit

When I look at the entertainment industry today, man, have things changed.

Gone are the days I used to sit on the floor in front of my 20-inch TV screen, twisting the knob to switch between the 13 existing channels trying to find The Brady Bunch.

Nowadays, you just sit back on the couch and say “The Office” into your remote and boom, there’s Michael Scott making a fool out of himself right in front of you.

Kids nowadays are growing up without even having to sit through commercials, as streaming has truly become the dominant form of television.

Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) was the first to make the move into streaming, and it’s been the leading company in the industry for years now.

But there’s steeper competition on the horizon for NFLX. It may not be number one for long, and when it drops it could take investors’ portfolios down with it.

Here’s what I mean

The “New Dot-Com” Industry Could Hand You Your First 300% Gain

One of the hottest industries in history was the “dot-coms.” The late ’90s was the era of internet adoption, and it was huge. Many of today’s millionaires have the dot-com era to thank for their fortune.

Now, there’s a new industry on the scene that’s making headlines and minting millionaires – and it’s even more ripe with opportunity than the dot-coms were.

You can make big money fast in this veritable feeding frenzy…

But you can lose it just as quick.

In this lucrative industry, volatility is king. To generate those big, fast profits, you need to know the right way to play this market.

Here’s how…

The Market’s Best Profit Opportunities Are Hiding in These Four Stocks

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At the end of June, the S&P 500 broke above old highs. But ever since then, the market has been stagnant.

Besides your basic day-to-day movement, it’s clear that the summer doldrums are officially here, and volatility has all but collapsed in the overall market.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t profit opportunities to be found. There’s a way to pinpoint stocks moving twice the amount of the S&P 500 – and in a market like this, that’s where the money is.

Here are the top four fast-moving stocks to pay attention to right now…

Trade Like the Pros Using This High-Probability Technique

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Options were originally invented for one main reason – to minimize risk. And they still do this today by making money no matter which way the market goes.

To make sure their risk is as low as possible, successful option traders use a variety of strategies -and one of them offers the highest probability possible.

Done right, this strategy starts you out with a 67% probability of success.

Here’s how to play it…

The Single Best Way to Capture Profits This Earnings Season

An elite group of readers has been cashing in on some of my best recommendations for a while now.

They’ve seen peak gains from 80% all the way to 333%… and I can’t keep it a secret any longer. Today, I want to bring those gains to you.

Because we’re right in the middle of earnings season – one of the most volatile times of the year, and one of the best times to make money…

If you play it right, that is. There’s only way to turn earnings season into cold, hard cash.

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The Three Biggest Risks to Avoid This Earnings Season

[Watch now] Robert Herjavec is helping everyday Americans discover the next Airbnb

I want to talk to you about something Wall Street has been lying about – options.

The pundits are spitting out financial propaganda left and right, saying options are “risky” and “not worth it.”

But here’s the market’s biggest secret – options were originally created to help mitigate risk. And they are still used today for that exact same purpose.

In fact, we’re currently in the middle of one of the safest times to buy options: earnings season. And it’s one of the market’s biggest catalysts, so it has the potential to hand you a huge amount of cash if you play it right.

If you’re aware of the risks that options hold, then you can bank some massive gains this earnings season without worrying about losing all your money.

Here are the three biggest risks that come with buying options – and exactly how to avoid them…

The Best Stock to Play After the U.S. Women’s World Cup Win

By now, you’ve likely heard about last Sunday’s Women’s World Cup.

If you were one of the 14 million people watching, then you saw the U.S. women’s national soccer team win 2-0 over the Netherlands.

And if you’re part of my Fast Fortune Network, you had the chance to chime in about this historic match on our very own social network. (Not a member? Learn how to join right now.)

Now, this was one of the most-watched soccer matches in history, but the U.S. wasn’t the only winner…

There’s one company that sponsored 14 of the 24 teams in the worldwide tournament, including the U.S. champions. And on Monday morning, its stock shot up on the win.

If the Dow had a World Cup, this stock would be the clear champ.

And if you play it right, it could make your wallet a winner too…

Exactly What the Fed’s Latest Testimony Means for the Market

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Yesterday, July 10, everyone’s eyes and ears were on one thing – the Fed. And there’s a good reason why.

You see, after the U.S.-China trade war heated up last May, the market fell further than it had all year. And the Fed was the only thing that was able to pull it back up.

Yesterday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivered his long-awaited testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. And the market was listening for one very important catalyst…

Rate cuts.

The Fed’s testimony, as expected, was one of the biggest market movers to date. And later this month, we’re set to see one that’s even bigger.

If you want to bank some serious cash on the fast swing, then this is all you need to know…

Three Reasons This ETF Could Make 2019 Your Richest Year Ever

Sometimes, finding the “perfect” stock to trade is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But why waste time trying to find the needle when you can just trade the haystack itself?

By “haystack,” I’m referring to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – collections of securities that track an underlying index. They’re typically thought of as safer bets than specific stocks when it comes to trading.

And here’s a secret – I have a favorite. It’s one of the most lucrative ways to make money out there…

Take my Weekly Money Call readers, for example. It’s only July, and so far this year, this ETF has handed them 400.4% in profits. And there’s five and a half months left in 2019 – so we’re just getting started. (You can learn how to join them by clicking this link now)

But per usual, the talking heads on the financial news networks are telling a different story. According to them, this ETF is too expensive.

If you’re talking to me, however, I say the bang is worth the buck. And today, I’m going to show you three different charts that prove just that.

With this ETF, you could spend the rest of 2019 raking in cash…