Month: August 2019

How to Turn Disney’s Official Fan Club Meeting into Your Next Double

There are a few things in life that I consider to be childhood staples. These weren’t just a part of my youth, but my own children’s – and maybe even their children one day as well.

I’m talking about things like a game of tag, a backyard soccer match, a bike race – oh, and Disney.

Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has been around since the 1920s, first breaking into animation with original silent films.

And look at how far it’s come…

There are now Disney theme parks, T.V. shows, and some of the box office’s biggest record-breakers. The Fortune-500 company takes in upwards of $59 billion in revenue per year.

And that number is only going to grow – especially when you look at Disney’s extensive plans for the future…

At its latest biennial expo, the entertainment conglomerate announced a whole slew of new projects that are set to shoot the company skyward.

Disney’s floodgates are about to open.

Here’s how to direct the cash flow directly to your wallet…

Play Labor Day’s Best-Performing Industry for Big Holiday Profits

Labor Day is intended to honor the American labor movement, but in my opinion, it’s always meant a lot more than that…

Summer is ending. Kids are going back to school. It’s the last vacation day until Thanksgiving.

But that’s not all – it’s also a big market-moving weekend.

At this time of year, conditions for the consumer are ideal. Human buying patterns and profits are driven into U.S. companies, making Labor Day the perfect time to trade.

And there’s one major industry that’s poised to deliver some massive profits this holiday weekend…

Here’s everything you need to know…

Exactly What to Expect in the Market After Labor Day Weekend

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We’ve seen huge swings of volatility in the market the past couple of weeks. Investors have lost a ton of money, and it’s all because they have no idea what to expect.

But we have something those investors don’t…

As rules-based traders, we can look back at historical data to see exactly how the market has performed over specific periods of time.

In an erratic market like the one we’re seeing now, it’s the best way to predict what’s coming next.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing today.

Labor Day is coming up, and we’re looking at how the market has performed after the holiday weekend.

Here’s what to expect…

Find the Silver Lining in the Market’s Storm by Playing This Expanding Retailer

We’re nearing the end of the month, and I’m sure most investors are ready to walk away from August without looking back.

Over the past 23 days, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 2%. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq aren’t far behind with their own 1.5% drops, either. It’s been a volatility storm, and the winds are coming in from every which way.

The trade war erupted, the yield curve inverted, and now fears of a global recession are plaguing the market, pulling it up and down out of fear.

But if the market’s cloud has a silver lining, it’s this – the U.S. consumer is strong.

That’s especially true when you look at customer-favorite Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT)’s recent earnings report. And that’s not tall. The retailer has a ground-breaking move up its sleeve, and it has the potential to swing the broader market even higher.

So while other investors scream “fire!” in a crowded movie theatre, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, knowing that Target can save your wallet from going up in flames.

Here’s how

The Best Way to Protect Yourself in a Recession-Spurred Market

August has been a month full of news headlines – and not the ones people want to see…

U.S.-China trade war, Chinese currency issues, tensions in the middle east, Fed funds interest rate changes… You name it, it’s probably been flashing across the financial news networks this month.

To say that the markets have been volatile as a result would be an understatement. The paddles of market-moving news have produced short-term shifts over 4%, causing many investors to lose a ton of money.

Fear of a global recession is catching fire in this market, and the barrage of breaking financial news is accelerating it. But you can’t let that fear keep you on the sidelines.

Your wallet doesn’t have to burn in the fire of recession fears. These volatile conditions mean that there’s opportunity out there… when you know where to look.

This is exactly where the moneymaking opportunities are hiding

This Asset Is the Key to Padding Your Wallet Before Labor Day

The markets have been in a full-blown whirlwind the past few weeks.

First, a tariff tweet from President Trump reignited the U.S.-China trade war. Then, the yield curve inverted between 10-year and 2-year bonds for the first time in a decade, warning a potential recession to come.

The financial news networks were running headlines left and right about the failing U.S. economy, claiming that “A U.S. Recession Is Coming.” And investors were running around like chickens with their heads caught off, moving their money out of fear and causing the Dow to drop 800 points in one day.

But now, less than a week later, things have changed. The White House eased recession fears, and the People’s Bank of China made its own version of a rate cut. After one of the worst weeks for stocks all year, the Dow closed about 250 points higher on Monday.

In times of turmoil like this, I have one vital rule – Never trade on headlines.

In fact, that’s exactly what I talked about in my recent Boot Camp video called “Stop Playing by Wall Street’s Game.” If you missed it, you need to go here.

Now, the news changes every day. That’s something we’ve seen firsthand these past few weeks. It’s important to look at reliable patterns, not random headlines, in order to formulate a trading plan.

And I’m going to show you one of those patterns today. There’s one asset that looks poised to rise for the remainder of the summer, and if you play it right, you could cash out before Labor Day.

Here’s how

Turn Warren Buffett’s $5 Billion Loss into Your Next Big Gain

You’ve probably heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Well, in this case, one man’s loss is another man’s gain – and the losing man is one of the richest in the world, Warren Buffett.

The billionaire investor has a pretty significant stake in Kraft-Heinz Company (NASDAQ: KHC), the third-largest food and beverage company in the world. But right now, KHC has a number of factors working against it.

And on Monday, that number grew by one more.

The food company’s latest obstacle could be the one to finally tip the stock on its head, dumping out investors’ wallets – like Warren Buffet’s – on its way down.

But there’s a way to turn the shake-down into your next profit. Here’s how…

The Secret to a Living a Stress-Free and Abundant Retirement

A Note from Tom: Before you dive into today’s issue about retirement, I highly suggest you see my latest Masterclass. In it, I reveal the truth you need to know about your current retirement plan – and the one thing that could cost you BIG TIME if you don’t take action now… See it here.

The word “retirement” brings a few ideal images to mind. Move south. Spend your days reading on the beach, napping by the pool, or sipping a gin and tonic while the sun sets…

But then reality sets in, and it shatters that dream like a cinderblock through a window.

Now, I’m not trying to scare you when I tell you this. The truth is, the majority of the country doesn’t have enough money saved to retire at all. And those who are retiring aren’t living that free and peaceful lifestyle. Instead, most are forced to settle for living on less.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. I’m here to tell you that the retirement of your dreams is within your reach. All you need is a computer.

Here’s exactly how to save enough money for a stress-free retirement…

How to Ride Crowded Stocks’ Momentum Straight to Profits

Trade wars and earnings reports have rocked the markets back and forth incessantly these past few weeks. Along with great price movements and high volatility, the market whirlwind has brought about an uptick in something else I want to talk about today…

Trader volume.

You see, a ton of people have been pouring into the market on these price swings, whether it’s out of fear or greed. And when stocks see volume spikes this high, they present a perfect profit opportunity…

It’s what happens after the spike that really matters – and there’s only way to ride that momentum straight to profits.

Here’s how…

Three Simple Trading Mistakes That Could Cost You Millions

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – this week was a harsh reminder of what the market is capable of.

When I see wild volatility like this, I start thinking about my core principles when it comes to trading like…

  1. Only look at trades with proven historical patterns.
  2. Stick to the set limit price.
  3. Plan your trade and trade your plan.

And that’s just naming a few.

But when the market gets hit with volatility like we’ve seen recently – there’s something else that’s important to remember…what you shouldn’t do when trading.

So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Here’s my big three…