How to Turn Disney’s Official Fan Club Meeting into Your Next Double

There are a few things in life that I consider to be childhood staples. These weren’t just a part of my youth, but my own children’s – and maybe even their children one day as well.

I’m talking about things like a game of tag, a backyard soccer match, a bike race – oh, and Disney.

Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has been around since the 1920s, first breaking into animation with original silent films.

And look at how far it’s come…

There are now Disney theme parks, T.V. shows, and some of the box office’s biggest record-breakers. The Fortune-500 company takes in upwards of $59 billion in revenue per year.

And that number is only going to grow – especially when you look at Disney’s extensive plans for the future…

At its latest biennial expo, the entertainment conglomerate announced a whole slew of new projects that are set to shoot the company skyward.

Disney’s floodgates are about to open.

Here’s how to direct the cash flow directly to your wallet…

How to Turn Disney’s Official Fan Club Meeting into Your Next Double

The official fan club for Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) is called D23. Yup, that’s right. The company’s fan base is so big that they have an international club with two different tiers of membership. The D is for “Disney,” and 23 is for the company’s founding year, 1923. The club is known for its biennial exposition, the D23 Expo.

The D23 is a lot more than just a fan club meeting, though. The latest expo was last weekend, August 23-25, in Anaheim, California. And the company made announcements that are securing Disney’s spot in the far, far future…

First up, let’s talk about park updates. Disney is the biggest theme park operator in the world, and I’m not just talking about Disney World.

The worldwide parks and resorts already bring in over $20.3 billion annually, and that number is about to grow with the addition of Zootopia and Avengers parks, an Epcot makeover, and more. The mass media company is even creating an original mobile app, Disney Genie, to provide a central hub for planning out your day at the theme park, and adding three more cruise ships to its current fleet of four.

Disney is also diving into the rising retailer we talked about last week – Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT). The entertainment giant will start opening in-store shops in 25 different Target stores throughout the country on October 5, with plans to expand that number to 40 over the next year. The shops will carry over 450 items, including things like toys, clothing, and home goods.

In 2018, Disney made over $4 billion selling consumer products. And when you look at Target’s recent success, this move will likely increase that number.

Parks and retail aren’t Disney’s only segments getting an upgrade. We can’t forget about Disney+, the upcoming streaming network that could put Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) out of business…

Media networks is Disney’s most lucrative operating segment. Last year, it brought in $24.5 billion in revenue – and that’s before Disney+ came into play.

The upcoming streaming network is set to launch on November 12, and according to the D23 expo, it’s going to be even bigger than people thought, with multiple live-action remakes, popular films-turned-series, and more. The company also announced new films from the wildly popular Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars franchises.

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Transport yourself back to your childhood for a moment. You’re sitting on the floor in front of your 13-inch TV screen, laughing at Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Now, bring yourself back to the present…

Disney’s stock is up over 24% year-to-date, and its upcoming innovations have the potential to move that number even higher – giving you the opportunity to turn that childhood memory into a 100% gain.

How? Well, Disney’s stock is pretty expensive right now, trading at around $134.43. For 100 shares, that would run you $13,443. I don’t know about you, but that’s way more than my $500 limit on initial capital.

There’s a way to pull this price way down, but still take home a sizeable profit on the company’s upward growth – and that’s with a call spread, or what I like to call a Loophole Trade.

Here’s an example…

On May 31, 2019, DIS was trading at $130.96. My readers bought a $135 call and sold a $140 call for a net debit of just $1.25. Then, just six days later, shares of DIS had gone up to $136.51. So, my readers sold their $135 call and bought their $140 call – for $2.50. That’s double their entry.

In under a week, my readers were able to take home a 100% profit on the happiest place on earth.

And now, you can be next.

Before I head out, I want to know – how are you planning to spend your Holiday weekend?

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