The Only Way to See into the Future of the Stock Market

I was on my way back home after a long weekend in the Hamptons with my family last night, chatting with my kids about the stock market.

The two of them kept messing with me (what’s new?), telling me that I “know the future of the market.”

Now, they may have been kidding, but here’s the thing – they actually aren’t wrong.

I’m not saying I’m some kind of psychic, reading the market’s palm to see what’s coming next. But I can get an idea on Sunday night of what’s going to happen in the markets on Monday morning…

And you can too.

There’s only one way to see the future in the stock market, and you can do it every single night. You never have to be surprised by the morning moves ever again.

Here’s how…

Good trading,

Tom Gentile

America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Gentile, for being the person you are, doing what you do,to date I have not traded yet, as communication lines where not clear, but I am on the verge of opening with TD Ameritrade, I just wanted to ask, when placing a vertical spread, how do i calculate, or what factors must you take into account to enable or find your anchor price. I hope I make sense. Kind regards Dirk

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