The Unabridged Guide to Living the Abundant Life of Your Dreams

I recently came across an article about the “eight financial laws of happiness.”

In it, the author outlines research claiming that the happiest retirees have applied these so-called financial laws to their lives.

Now some of the article was right on track. But many of the claims had me shaking my head.

You see, most people on the planet believe wholeheartedly that making money – the kind that doesn’t leave you hanging until the next paycheck – is hard, and that a wealthy lifestyle is simply out of reach.

Never mind the fact that everyone’s definition of wealth varies, depending on their lifestyles and needs…

Articles like this come from so-called “experts” who don’t actually have what they want, either, and end up robbing many people of the fulfilling retirement they deserve.

And I just can’t let this kind of constricted thinking stand.

So here’s the unedited truth about what you need to do for an abundant life…

Everything You Need to Know to Live Your Life to Its Highest Potential

It may be easy to believe that less is more and you have to let go of or give up on the things you truly want. But it’s just as easy to build a life of abundance and wealth – one that will light you up.

You just need the right information that will both help you along the way and inspire you to believe in yourself and your dreams. And that’s exactly why I’ve made it my personal mission to give back in any way I can. I want to share everything I learned over my nearly 30-year career with you so that you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted – the easy way.

In fact, it’s my lifelong commitment to help you reach all of your dreams and become the best trader you can be – without sacrificing the things you want to live comfortably and stress-free.

So it’s crucial we talk about these “laws” of happiness that I’ve summarized below – because you’ve probably been fed some variation of them by the talking heads on the financial news networks or other so-called experts online.

Let’s get started…

1. Ditch the BMW – or basically, don’t even bother getting that car you’ve always wanted.

No, no, no! As a car buff, this one really hurt my heart. This kind of thinking is limiting. There is no reason to live on less if you’re trading successfully (which I teach my students to do).

Take reader Carter Scotts, for example. After trading with me for just two years, he was able to buy the car of his dreams! His story is an inspiring one. Check out what he had to say…

I built up my profits and seed money so high that in January, I was able to buy a brand new 2019 ZR1-EZR – a supercar with a 755hp, torque speed 215 mph. Get this – it was $126,995! Only 1,305 miles on it… Plus, I have money left over to continue trading.

This has been one of my dream cars for a long time. I am severely disabled – and have been for almost 40 years – after being struck by a car on my motorcycle. But now I’m finally able to make good money again… and even splurge.”

If you’re trading, you don’t have to give up on the things you truly want. You can be just like Carter. Pick the car of your dreams. Pay for it with your trading income. Have fun with your new BMW 6 series!

2. Don’t even think about playing the stock market – especially once you’ve retired.

Wait, what?!

This plays right into the hands of the guys on Wall Street who either want you sitting out altogether – or dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the most expensive stocks out there. Either way, they win. And they’re counting on exactly this type of misinformation to keep all of the profits in their pockets and out of the hands of those who deserve them the most – like you.

They don’t want you to even understand the true power of trading – and the true power of options. They don’t want you to know just how easy it is to make money with options – and how much of it you can actually make. They want you to believe that it’s simply “too good to be true.” But it’s not. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I followed this “law.” And it’s not just me… I hear from students and readers each and every day how much trading has already changed their lives, like…

Take Zeke Miller, for example. He told me, “I started trading options on June 1 and have been having great success! In June I made $11,969 and in July I made $14,247 after closing all of my positions.”

Zeke isn’t the only one banking serious gains by trading. Sarah Lockheart has totally changed her life with options…

“I was completely bankrupt before Tom. Now, I have made $100,000 since last summer. I love Tom. He’s my guy!”

Then there’s Simeon Miller. When he came across one of my services, he was in the middle of the hardest times of his life. And his story is one I’ll never forget…

“It was one of Mr. Tom Gentile’s videos that helped inspire me to keep battling against cancer when I really wanted to give up. After trading according to Tom’s recommendations, I am a very happy camper. My finances are looking up thanks to Tom. Now that I have chemo bills to pay, I have good motivation to get rich, rich, rich! Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to my first million.”

Trading options gave Simeon an entirely new incentive, and a new way to look at life.

Playing the stock market won’t ruin your retirement – it will make it!

3. Invest in a cause you’re passionate about – in either time or money.

This is one rule that I agree with. You should build a vision of what your ideal retirement looks like. Create a vision that lights you up!

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “A life worth living is one lived in service of others.” Helping other people creates an experience of compassion and love – an experience that will make not only your retirement, but your life great.

This is something I know to be true. I have a charity called the Tom Gentile Distance Learning Program. It’s partnered with Safe Port Initiative, a program that rescues and harbors victims of human trafficking. The goal of my learning program is to teach basic skill sets to those who are rescued to help provide the opportunities they need to lead productive, fruitful lives.

Finding a charity that you feel passionate about is truly one of the best ways to build an abundant life.

4. Don’t bother improving your living space – or moving altogether

If you find yourself with large repairs or a difficult move, then it makes sense to work on building your savings so you can comfortably make the changes you want. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even bother, especially if you can do some things to make your living space as comfortable as it can be. A lot of people actually get a lot of happiness and excitement out of moving or renovating.

The best part is, you get the cash you need from trading options. I know that firsthand! See my video here to see how my wife and I are “sorting through the junk” in our lives after our own renovation – and how I’ve turned this into a valuable trading lesson.

Samuel Markson knows how trading can help out your home as well. He’s totally changing his living space!

“I’m going to put all of the profits I’ve made this month into our home. I’m using the money I made trading for lawn care, new paint, a new deck, and maybe even a solar array. Thanks again so much for being so proactive. You’ve really helped guys like me and my family achieve a lot of breathing room – and a well-deserved break from money worries.”

Always dream big – never settle.

5. Make all of your wish list purchases BEFORE you retire

Sure, this makes sense – if your income stops after you retire. But with trading, potential profits are unlimited. So why stop buying the things that you want?

Gus Jenkins sure didn’t stop. He bought a ranch on the profits he made by trading!

“Trading enabled me to buy a ranch! And now it’s helping me pay for it. It’s a hunting ranch – 300 acres! I’ve had people drive down all the way from Illinois to Texas for my ranch.

Now, every time I get a recommendation from Tom, I stop what I’m doing. Even if I’m driving a tractor. I’d love to buy more land with the profits.”

There is no reason to think small. Trade away, so that you can swing away on any item you wish to purchase.

6. Plan and ​​Budget for Your Retirement

I totally agree with this one. Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

One of my core principles when it comes to trading is “plan your trade and trade your plan.” It’s important to build a simple, effective trade plan and stick to it no matter what. It’s the key to success!

So, create a retirement plan. But in it, include how much income you’ll generate by trading. This will produce security and peace of mind. The quality of your present moments is given by the future you’re living into. So, plan a great one!

7. Know Your Rich Ratio

The first question you may be asking yourself is “what the heck is a rich ratio?”

In short, it’s how much money you have versus how much money you need. Now this isn’t a bad thing to know – it’s a great idea for managing your finances. But when you’re trading, there is no reason to place a limit on how much money you have coming in… because the amount you could make will blow your mind.

It did for Connor Jordan, at least. In his first big trading win, he pocketed a ton of cash.

“I made a 151% gain on a single trade! That came out to $2,500… and it was all in just one day.”

So, think big! Just remember that more money in your trading account means more potential profit.

8. Check Your Pessimism at The Door

This is right on target.

What you think will happen tends to be what does happen in life. So, tune your thoughts to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. If you want to retire early, think about that and plan how you’ll get there. Generate an attitude of gratitude by writing down five things each day that you’re grateful for. Get a trading mentor who’s not just talking the talk, but walking the walk!

That’s what Andrew Acers did, and it completely changed his life.

“I made a 141% gain on one trade – and that’s just one example. Now that I see that trading options works, I can start thinking about things that I want. I have a future again.”

Now, that’s the kind of optimism that will give you the life you want!

Peter Albert knows that too. And he has some big plans…

“I made $2,600 in one week. My goal is to turn these gains into even larger gains, and eventually make $1 million for retirement.”

This is exactly what I mean. If you tune your thoughts to millionaire status, then you’re that much closer to getting there.

Of course, it helps to associate yourself with people who have what you want. Luckily, you’re already doing that as a member of the Power Profit Trades community. I encourage you to immerse yourself in the community and realize the abundant life of your dreams!

The very first step to make that happen starts with your Network account. (Don’t have a username and password? Learn how to get yours today right here.)

I created the Network for one very simple reason: to build a community where my readers can connect and share experiences that could ultimately make them many, many times richer.

And so far, that’s exactly what’s happening. Every day when I log in, I’m seeing hundreds of new thought-provoking questions… fears… hopes for the future…trading strategies… and so much more posted by my readers.

Put simply: The Network is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

And when I say it can help you make money, I’m not talking about investing in Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social startups.

I’m talking about potentially making money from simple paydays that either I will give you…

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Get a sneak peak of the Network – and learn how to get your own unique login – right here.

Good trading,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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