Month: November 2019

How Option Value Can Make or Break Your Next Trade

The 1977 Nobel Prize was awarded to Fischer Black and Myron Scholes – the two men behind the option pricing model.

Now, you may be wondering – why am I talking about these two award winners from 42 years ago?

Well, the equation these guys created is the reason that we, as option traders, are able to reduce risk and make money in multiple directions.

It’s elegant, to say the least. I’d even go as far as to call it beautiful!

Understanding how options are valued is a crucial part of harnessing their power. In order to trade like the pros, you need to know the breakdown of option pricing.

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you today. And trust me – it’s a whole lot simpler than any math equation you learned in high school.

Here’s how to harness the power of option valuation

The Seven Best Stocks to Trade This Holiday Season

It seems like I just took down my Christmas tree from last year, but the holidays are already upon us once again.

Frank Sinatra said it well in “The Christmas Waltz…”

“It’s that time of year when the world falls in love. Every song you hear seems to say, ‘Buy Google!'”

Okay, okay, I know those aren’t the real words. But with the holidays come some great trading opportunities…

And today, I’m going to show you seven of them!

Each of these stocks has 100% historical accuracy. That means that if history repeats, which it tends to do, these trades will drop profits into your pockets for the holidays.

Here are seven ways to make some cash back from the holiday season

Bring a Losing Stock Back to Life with “Options CPR”

By now, you know that I love trading options. I’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years!

But the truth is, I have nothing against straight stock positions. I even own a few myself as a way to diversify my portfolio.

But as you know, owning stock comes with some high-risk possibilities – which is why I prefer to trade options.

In fact, just this month, one of my own stock positions took a major plunge.

But not all hope is lost. There’s actually a low-cost way to use options to save your losing stock positions, and that’s exactly what I want to show you today.

Here’s how to use “options CPR” to fix a losing stock position

Enter the Holiday Season a Step Ahead of Everyone Else – Here’s How

Next week marks the official start to the holiday season – Thanksgiving.

But this time means more than just roasting the perfect turkey and finding the best shopping deals…

You see, the markets are about to make a serious shift. And today, I’m going to show you exactly what that shift is.

That way, you’ll enter the holiday season a step ahead of everyone else…

And ready to load up that holiday budget.

Here’s what you can expect this holiday season

Most Traders Don’t Know This Lucrative Options Secret

The market is getting ready to kick off another roller coaster ride…

If you’ve kept an eye on the news lately, then you know what I’m talking about. There are a ton of drivers pulling stocks back and forth right now.

Third-quarter earnings reports are being released every day, public impeachment hearings began on Wednesday, the trade war is barreling on without a deal – and to top it all off, the holidays are about to hit.

There’s something brewing in the market right now, and it’s about to explode – and even experienced traders don’t know the truth behind it.

Today, I want to share something with you that most traders don’t know. It’s one of the biggest secrets in the world of options…

And this is how it could drop some serious cash in your pocket

Big Reveal: The Trading Pattern That Handed This Man Millions

Editor’s Note: Andrew Keene’s story is one for the records. From near broke to multi-millionaire in less than two years – that is the true dream. So today, I’ve asked him to tell us a bit more about he made it happen. Here’s Andrew…

Hey Traders.

Andrew Keene here. On Tuesday, I told you about my backstory and how trading changed my life.

But today, it’s all about you. I want to tell you exactly how you can experience the same life transformation I did.

I want you to remember this…

1 hour a day…4 days a week…50X.

This simple formula could exponentially grow your net worth and transform your life in ways you won’t believe

How Losing Three Jobs Made This Man a Millionaire Before He Turned 30

Editor’s Note: I want you to write this name down – Andrew Keene. Trust me, you’ll want to get to know him immediately… Because he’s in the business of completely transforming lives. What Andrew has to share will completely disrupt the way you think about trading – and your future. And today, I want to share his story. So without further ado, here’s Andrew.

My first “real job” was an analyst at a bank… and I remember the day I got fired like it was yesterday.

It was so boring I would literally fall asleep at my desk in the middle of the day. So they decided to give my job to someone else.

My second “real job” wasn’t any better. I sat in a cubicle looking at endless spreadsheets all day for CVS-Caremark, where my boss was some corporate stuffed shirt, always in my face.

I was absolutely hating life – it got so bad I could barely sleep at night.

Not that I had much to get up for every day; my pay was peanuts, too. My salary was only $45,000 a year – around $500 a week after taxes. It was barely enough to afford a decent car, let alone an apartment in Chicago.

So I had to move back in with my parents just to make ends meet. It was so embarrassing, but what else could I do? It was right after 9/11; there was a recession on, good jobs were scarce, and I needed the money.

So I went to work every day, and did my best to stay awake. But I hated every minute of it.

Time for another change. I didn’t know it at the time, but this one would be big – really big

No One’s Talking About This Major Market Mover – It Hits on November 29

As we enter the first week of November, everyone is talking about one thing…

The 2020 presidential election.

We’re about a year away from the election, and right now, it’s everywhere. Any time you turn on the television or log onto your computer, the financial news networks are going on and on about the news coming out of Washington.

But while the talking heads are busy worrying about getting enough clicks to up their ad revenue, there’s one thing that they aren’t talking about…

We may be a year away from the election, but we’re only one month away from a season that will undeniably have an effect on the market – and your wallet.

That’s why today, I want to talk to you about exactly what’s coming… and how you can prevent it from taking any money out of your pocket.

This market mover hits on November 29 – here’s how to prepare

Revealed: My “Regular to Riches” Challenge

When I started my very first trading account, it had less than $1,000 in it.

But it didn’t take long for me to turn that humble starter account into one worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since then, I’ve made it my life’s mission to show every day, “Regular Joe” traders how they can do exactly what I did – and achieve the level of success I have…

The Secret to Doubling Your Money Every Single Week

On Friday, I told you about a new, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make ten times your money by March 1.

It might just be the best chance you’ll ever get to go from being a hard-working, average joe to becoming truly wealthy.

You could bank fast, consistent winners week after week -all you need is five minutes and $150.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just check out these numbers, and you’ll see exactly how easy it is to go from “regular to riches” in just four months