Make All Your Money Back from Black Friday with This Record-Breaking Stock

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This past weekend was the biggest holiday shopping event of the year.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, you name it – nowadays, it’s just one big weekend packed with deals at every store you could think of. Gone are the days you’d line up outside Walmart, ready to shove your way through the crowd for the best deal on a new flat-screen TV.

Now, the majority of holiday shopping is online. It seemed like my email was bombarded every single minute with a new deal that I just couldn’t miss.

And now, one week later, it feels as though Black Friday and Cyber Monday took all my money. I know I’m not alone either. According to Adobe Analytics, Black Friday online sales made $7.4 billion this year – the second-largest online shopping day ever.

But there’s a way to make all that money back – and then some…

One company is rising above the rest thanks to last weekend’s sales, and now is the perfect time to cash in.

Here’s how…

How to Play GoPro’s “Crushing” Sales for a Profit by 2020

Practically every company you’ve ever heard of touted some sort of sale this past weekend in the hopes of bringing in more customers. But technology company GoPro Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO), well, “crushed it.”

The camera maker posted record-breaking sales for the weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, bringing total camera sales to 120% year-over-year.

According to CEO Nick Woodman:

“We’re very happy with how each of our products are selling-through so far this holiday. We believe the surge in demand we’re seeing positions us well for full-year profitability in 2019 and continued revenue and earnings growth in 2020… We crushed it.”

Really, I couldn’t have said it better myself. And as a result, GPRO shares were up 5% in premarket trading on Wednesday.

The majority of the tech company’s sales came from its new products – two handheld cameras called the Hero 8 Black and the Max. But last weekend’s record-breaking sales didn’t come as a surprise. Not to those that paid attention to GPRO‘s third-quarter earnings report, that is…

After the new products launched on the GPRO website, it didn’t take long for them to reach record sales numbers. The Hero 8 Black’s unit sales beat every single previous GoPro in its first month of availability, and the Max also outperformed its predecessor camera.

Clearly, the new products’ novelty lasted through the holiday shopping weekend – and Woodman thinks it’ll last even longer. In the third-quarter report, he said:

“Both products appear to be unquestionable hits with consumers, and we’re optimistic about their impact on our business going forward.”

You see, GoPro’s stock needs this. Shares are down to $3.90 from their $7.64 high in May – a 95.9% decline in just seven months. But now, it appears that GPRO is set to go on another tear – and you can make your money back from Black Friday weekend by playing it.

I’m not talking about buying the stock though. Because sure, GPRO might rise a few percentage points over the next few weeks. But that’s all you’ll pocket – a few percentage points. Unless you want to wait a few years, that is…

But I want you to make money off of this stock fast. Before-the-year-even-ends kind of fast. And you can do that with a call option.

A call option gives you the right, not the obligation, to buy an underlying security at a fixed price by a certain date. And trading that call option can make you a ton of money.

But don’t take my word for it – I have the proof right here…

On November 11, personal care corporation Kimberly Clark Corp. (NYSE: KMB) was trading around $131.48 – and the stock, just like GPRO, was set to rise. So, my readers bought a call option for $3.30, or $330 for control over 100 shares.

Just 18 days later, on November 29, KMB shares had risen to $136.53. And my readers sold their call option for $6.60 – a 100% gain in just over two weeks!

Had my readers bought the stock, they barely would have made a dent in their bank account after 18 days. But a double win? That’s the kind of profit-taking power trading options gives you.

Good trading,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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  1. My wife and I are 70 years. We were wondering if you know a broker (or yourself) to do the trading for us?
    Any directions or advice would be greatly appreciated. We want to invest half of our savings to boost our income, so we don’t have to ramen soup and cheese sandwiches anymore.
    Thank You

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