Month: January 2020

Get in on This Pharmaceutical Stock Before the Coronavirus Sends It Skyward

Yesterday, the coronavirus had killed 130 people and infected over 7,000 since patient zero’s diagnosis.

Today, as I’m writing, the death toll has hit 213, and infection has spread to almost 10,000 people. The U.S. has confirmed the first person-to-person transmission in Illinois. And the World Health Organization has declared a global emergency.

The virus is escalating every day – and as if negatively correlated, stocks keep falling.

Earnings results from big-name companies like Apple and Tesla have beat expectations and broken records. The Fed decided on Wednesday to keep rates steady. Yet the market isn’t reflecting the success…

On Wednesday, stocks closed little-changed, only to open even lower Thursday morning. Despite closing in the green on Thursday, Friday morning futures again saw all three major indices opening in the negatives.

Investors don’t care about stocks’ record-breaking earnings reports. They care about the possibility that the coronavirus will slow economic growth.

This fear is pulling down stocks across every industry – regardless of whether or not that company is affected by the virus’ implications.

The bottom line is that emotions are moving this market. And if we know anything, it’s that emotions change. The moment the fear dissipates, stocks that survived the coronavirus’ economic effects will rise.

That means that now is the time to get in on these stocks.

And there’s one in particular that has the highest probability of handing you a profit by March 4

This “Phoenix” ETF Will Rise from the Ashes on February 3

2019 was just coming to an end in central China when people began suffering from runny noses, sore throats, and pesky coughs…

But it was the start of winter – flu-season, the peak time for the common cold. The symptoms were anything but out of the ordinary.

Now, less than a month later, at least 170 people have died as I’m writing, and the number of people infected has skyrocketed to 7,700 – that’s nearly twice as many new infections in just one day. The pneumonia-like virus has spread from mainland China across the world, with cases confirmed in more than a dozen countries – five already in the U.S.

Needless to say, the word coronavirus is now plastered across every news network.

China has responded to the deadly virus with complete lockdowns across various cities. Major companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Disney are shutting down operations across the country as well. But China is one of the biggest producers in the world. And as businesses feel the pain of the outbreak, fear of the virus’ impact on global commerce is spreading…

The markets, which were hitting all-time-highs all month long, are now seeing red. Monday, January 27, was the worst day for all major indices since October 8 of last year.

But the widespread fear isn’t discriminatory. It’s punishing stocks with no relation to the virus’ impacts as well.

Without any business in China, these companies will be the first to recover once the fear subsides. And if you get in now, you’ll be seeing profits the moment recovery begins.

In fact, this stock is about to rise like a phoenix from the ashes

Five Stocks Making Big Moves After the Market’s Worst Day of the Year

As we enter the final week of January, one word is becoming front and center in the news – coronavirus.

The pneumonia-like virus, which first originated in China, has now begun to spread across the world. And as more and more patients become infected, investors are growing worried about the virus’ effect on the global economy.

In fact, yesterday, January 28, was the market’s worst day since October, with the Dow falling over 450 points as all three major indexes logged their biggest decline of the year.

But not all stocks are dropping.

In fact, a select few are rising. And if the market continues this sell-off, then they’re set to move even higher.

Here are the top five stocks on the move right now

Triple Your Money in Eight Days with This “Fast Ball” Challenge

Those who have been with me for a while know that I’m an options guy.

Wall Street will tell you that options are high-risk trading vehicles that aren’t worth your time. But that couldn’t be further from the truth…

See, options were originally created as a way to reduce risk. And even the most basic trading techniques will increase your returns over stock trading.

But options aren’t just lower-risk and higher-reward. In fact, my favorite part of trading options is the sheer speed at which you can see a return.

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Find These Three Stocks’ Hidden Profits Before the Bears Rush In

We’re right in the midst of fourth-quarter (Q4) earnings season, and after a slew of positive reports, the markets have spent most of January heating up…

Now, typically when the markets are moving like this, we look at the top and bottom 10% of stocks – the ones hitting headlines while they rocket and fall.

You know them – Tesla, doubling in just six months on manufacturing in China, or Boeing, falling on another recently-discovered software issue.

But the majority of the market’s stocks lie in between these big-name movers. And that’s a lot of profit opportunity to leave sitting on the table.

That’s why today, I want to show you three of these “in-between” stocks – and how to play them for your wallet’s benefit.

Here’s how you can take those profits off the table now…

How to Profit off Tesla Short-Sellers’ $7-Billion Loss

Tesla has been all over the news lately.

The company has always made my favorite cars in the auto industry, and it’s been a consistent headline-maker from the start, thanks to CEO Elon Musk’s infamous unpredictability.

We’re less than a month into 2020, and already this year has seen some Tesla-related stories that I couldn’t have made up even if I’d tried…

I’m talking about headlines like Watch Elon Musk Dance Like Your Drunk Uncle and Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able to Talk.

But these claims are more than just click-bait shenanigans. You see, there’s a reason Musk gets away with his impulsive behavior – he has the success to back it up.

Beneath this year’s unbelievable headlines, something big is happening in the world of Tesla. And it could make you just as rich as Musk himself.

Here’s how

Seven Things to Avoid When Saving for Retirement

The idea of retirement should be exciting.

You work for years and years, and eventually, you don’t have to anymore. You can move to Europe with your spouse, spend your days going on hikes or relaxing by the beach, and finally shed off the stress of that nine-to-five.

Instead, the word retirement scares people. Everyone wants to retire, but not everyone is sure they can. The fact of the matter is that 22% of Americans have less than $5,000 in retirement savings – which simply isn’t enough to live the retirement of your dreams.

Now, the financial news networks will use statistics like these to scare you. You’ve seen them – there are thousands of fear-inducing articles all over the internet. They tell you you’ll never retire, and then they’ll give you a list of what they consider the best ways to save.

Sure, the suggestions these websites peddle aren’t necessarily bad. But they aren’t the best ways to save – not even close.

Here’s the latest round of false advice – and what you should do instead

The Secret Behind All of My Trading Strategies

I’ve been around this industry for longer than I haven’t. That’s over half my life.

During my 30-some years trading, I’ve received a lot of questions. And there’s something in particular that I’ve discovered…

Some people ask me a question because they want to know the answer. But other people ask a question because they want to know if I know the answer.

And that’s exactly what happened on one of my recent Power Profit Trades articles. That’s why today, I want to show you the only way to find out if a trading strategy really works.

Here’s the secret behind each and every one of my trading tactics

This Major Industry Is On the Verge of Extinction

One of the biggest markets in the world is disappearing.

Once a traditional consumer-favorite, dairy is officially on the outs. Gone are the days of making your kids finish their milk before they leave the dinner table. People aren’t adding heavy cream to their coffee anymore. The phrase “Got milk?” makes me feel nostalgic, not original.

Sure, toddlers are still drinking milk from sippy cups and people everywhere are still gorging on cheese pizza. But the dairy industry isn’t what it used to be – and two companies in particular have already paid the price.

But this isn’t just a warning sign. It’s a profit opportunity. America’s taste buds are changing – and they could end up padding your pockets in the process..

Here’s how to profit off the falling dairy industry now – before it’s too late

How 2019’s Strongest Trends Could Hand You 15 Sets of Profits This Year

As we move into 2020, now is a good time to uncover the strongest trends in history – and jump on the ride.

You see, discovering market patterns is the smartest way to trade these days.

That’s because in order to be considered a pattern, something must have occurred multiple times in the past. That means patterns are reliable. Really, they’re the only way to predict what’s coming in the market.

There are some extremely compelling historic trends that point to high-probability opportunities for big profits in the coming months … 15 of them, to be precise.

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