Get in on This Pharmaceutical Stock Before the Coronavirus Sends It Skyward

Yesterday, the coronavirus had killed 130 people and infected over 7,000 since patient zero’s diagnosis.

Today, as I’m writing, the death toll has hit 213, and infection has spread to almost 10,000 people. The U.S. has confirmed the first person-to-person transmission in Illinois. And the World Health Organization has declared a global emergency.

The virus is escalating every day – and as if negatively correlated, stocks keep falling.

Earnings results from big-name companies like Apple and Tesla have beat expectations and broken records. The Fed decided on Wednesday to keep rates steady. Yet the market isn’t reflecting the success…

On Wednesday, stocks closed little-changed, only to open even lower Thursday morning. Despite closing in the green on Thursday, Friday morning futures again saw all three major indices opening in the negatives.

Investors don’t care about stocks’ record-breaking earnings reports. They care about the possibility that the coronavirus will slow economic growth.

This fear is pulling down stocks across every industry – regardless of whether or not that company is affected by the virus’ implications.

The bottom line is that emotions are moving this market. And if we know anything, it’s that emotions change. The moment the fear dissipates, stocks that survived the coronavirus’ economic effects will rise.

That means that now is the time to get in on these stocks.

And there’s one in particular that has the highest probability of handing you a profit by March 4…

Triple Your Money on BMY with the Market’s Most Powerful Predictor

Yesterday, I told you all about iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NASDAQ: IBB) – a biotech exchange-traded fund (ETF) that’s set to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Now, I know this thanks to my powerful Money Calendar tool. Its predictive power is unlike any other tool out there. It scrutinizes billions of data points every single day in order to reveal a sequence that not one in a million people have ever seen – helping me deliver a trade opportunity designed to give you the best shot at extraordinary payouts. And you can take advantage of this opportunity right here.

According to the Money Calendar, over the past 10 years, IBB has risen over the same 27-day time period every single time. And if anything is reliable in this fear-driven market, it’s proven historical performance.

But IBB isn’t the only stock that heads skyward this time of year…

Pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE: BMY) performs consistently well over the 22 days following February 3. And that’s been a proven fact for the past 10 years. 100% of the time, BMY has produced an average stock profit of $3.79 over this time frame.

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The individual yearly trade results are below:

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In fact, just a few months ago, my readers were able to turn a similar bullish move from BMY into an almost 200% return.

On September 5, 2019, the Money Calendar alerted me of a potential trade on the pharmaceutical company.

This chart showed me that over the past 10 years, BMY had gone up over a particular period time. So, I recommended my readers purchase a call option on the stock for $1.69, or $169 for control over 100 shares.

At the time, BMY was trading around $48.00. But just a little over three weeks later, on September 30, the stock had risen to $51.00 – just as the Money Calendar predicted. So, my readers sold half of their position for $3.38, doubling their money on a 5% jump.

But the profit-taking wasn’t over yet. They still had half the position open – and on October 18, the stock rose yet again. This time, it was trading around $53, making for a 9% increase.

My readers were able to sell the rest of their calls for $5.06, a 199.41% gain. They nearly tripled their money on a 9% stock gain, and it was all thanks to the Money Calendar.

Now, this predictive tool has identified a pattern on BMY with 100% accuracy. And February 3 is your time to get in.

But the patterns I’ve shown you on IBB and BMY are just two of the lucrative patterns that the Money Calendar predicts over the course of the year.

See, this tool crunches through an entire decade of daily transactions on the best stocks and ETFs you can trade. There’s a lot more profit potential on the way…

In fact, with the results from the Money Calendar, I’m going to recommend trades with the potential to hand you $150,000 in profits in the next 12 months.

But this opportunity is only available for a limited time. To learn how to join in the profit party, click here.

To your success,

Tom Gentile

America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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