How the Chief’s Super Bowl Win Could Move Stocks on Wednesday

In the case you weren’t one of the 100 million or so people tuning into Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV, then you missed the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Francisco 49ers in a fourth-quarter comeback to take home the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Now, my money was on the Chiefs, so I was happy. But not everyone felt the same – and I don’t just mean fans of the 49ers.

Investors have pointed to a pattern that shows when the National Football Conference (NFC) wins the Super Bowl, the stock market has a bullish year. But when the American Football Conference (AFC) wins, the reverse occurs – and the market turns bearish.

Now, the Chiefs are an AFC team. Meaning some investors are worried about where the market is heading…

But here’s the thing – I’ve done my research, and this indicator just doesn’t hold up. That’s why today, I want to look at an indicator that does.

This is one of the market’s best predictors – and it’s telling a different story than the Chief’s Super Bowl win…


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Keep an eye out…

Tom Gentile

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