Month: April 2020

Break Down This Stock Chart to Supercharge Your Profit Probability

When purchasing stocks or stock options, there’s only one foolproof way to making sure you’re getting into a winning trade every single time…

Predicting the future.

But the crystal balls and clairvoyants from old fairytales can’t help you in the stock market. No one knows with 100% accuracy what will happen today or tomorrow – but I have the next best thing.

It’s no crystal ball, but it does come pretty close – all while taking out the guesswork. No more trades based on feelings and emotions or stock suggestions from your rich Uncle Bob over cocktails.

The best way to predict these stock movements is by using historic patterns and technical analysis – which ultimately go hand in hand. These technical indicators use math, time, and price to uncover stocks’ patterns.

And they are best uncovered by looking at charts.

By taking the components of a stock chart, you can find two measures that are the tried and true best way to find the most lucrative trades.

Here’s how to read one of the most informative stock charts out there – and take a peek into the future

Pocket an Extra $10,000 in 30 Days with This Volatility Strategy

I’m Chris Johnson.

Over the course of my 30-year career in the markets, I’ve developed a set of 10 rules that I call The 10 Commandments of Trading.

Now, it’s no lie that COVID-19 has completely rocked the markets, bringing stocks to places they’ve never been before. Yet, through it all, these 10 commandments have held true.

And one of them in particular has risen to the top.

The commandment I’m going to tell you about today is the reason my readers have had the chance to score profits totaling 753.87% in a week’s time.

It’s how they could have maintained a 15-win streak while the market cratered 16%.

nd I’m going to use it to show you how to put an extra $10,000 in your pocket in the next 30 days. Click here to take advantage.

Without further ado, let me tell you everything you need to know about my eighth commandment of trading: volatility is a trader’s best friend…

The Top Mid-Day Market Movers – Live Reveal at 11 AM

Today at 11 AM EST sharp, I’m hosting Markets Live with Money Morning to give you an exclusive look at the biggest market movers come mid-day.

I’m going to reveal the top option plays of the day – and show you exactly how to cash in on this market for $500 or less.

It’s all happening live at 11 AM. You can watch over my shoulder as I pinpoint the best trades… in real time.

But I’m not the only one taking a close look at this market. A select few of my colleagues are taking over for the remainder of the day as well…

Get Paid Today to Buy These Top Stocks at Bargain Prices

In the late 17th century, English historian Thomas Fuller wrote, “It is always darkest just before the dawneth.”

Now, he meant that the sky is the darkest right before the sun begins to rise. But the phrase has transformed into an everyday cliché that essentially means things get worse before they get better.

And it’s a cliché for a reason – it’s true. Especially when you take a look at this market.

The beginning of March marked a fast 30%-plus hammering across all three major indices. Investors everywhere lost money, and as businesses across the globe shut down, the world had never appeared darker.

But this downturn won’t last forever. And just like the sun, the falling market is pointing to a much brighter future.

Massive profits await – now is the time to prepare to take them. And with the strategy I’m going to show you today, you’ll be able to get paid now to potentially buy stocks later – at bargain basement prices. I’m talking even cheaper than they are right now.

In fact, I was able to collect $14,288 in seconds using this strategy. All the details are right here.

I’ve never seen an opportunity quite like this. But it won’t last long.

Here’s how to start banking cash right now for a bright – and lucrative – future

Make $1 Million in 18 Months on These Five Blue-Chip Stocks

I’ve never seen a market as rich with opportunity as the one we’re looking at today.

See, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on trillion-dollar industries like travel, entertainment, dining, and more – and it’s putting the market’s top blue-chip stocks at a major discount.

In fact, I just discovered a way that you can make $1 million in the next 18 months on five of these blue-chip stocks.

For all the details on this ground-breaking, wealth-building opportunity, check out the video below

Score a 300%-Plus Profit on the S&P 500’s “Mirror-Opposite” by June

The S&P 500 is considered to be one of the best gauges of market movement. And from its all-time high of 3,393 on February 19, the index crashed 35% in a matter of weeks.

Since then, however, things have turned around. From its March 23rd lows, the S&P has mounted a 25% rise at the time of writing.

Investors are clinging to the bullish bounce, question after question floating through their minds…

Will the jump continue? Is the market bottom in? Is it time to load up on stocks?

For the answer, we look to the technicals – and they’re shaking their heads from left to right. The recent run up has no staying power. Another down-leg is likely.

But you don’t have to fear another bearish drop. This time, we know it’s coming – and with the strategy I’m going to show you today, you could profit even more than if the bullishness were to continue.

In fact, this trade could hand you a 327% gain in two-months’ time

A Five-Minute Rundown of Today’s Market Movement

I want to thank each and every one of you who tuned into my Markets Live with Money Morning stream today at 11, especially those who’ve been with us from the beginning.

Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties with the audio in my home studio, and the broadcast just didn’t work out. I’m sorry about that – that’s life under lockdown for you!

But, just to make sure you’re armed with everything you need to trade and invest profitably today, I made a quick five-minute video that hits all the major points I wanted to make today.

You can view it and get caught up here.

The Only Market Prediction You Should Trust

Stocks opened Monday morning in opposite fashion of how they spent Friday.

After a week-long 2%-plus fall, the Dow Jones regained all of the week’s losses – and then some, shooting up over 600 points at the sound of Monday’s opening bell.

The markets are reacting to every headline they see – making stocks as unpredictable as ever.

With an ongoing oil feud and earnings reports hitting the scene later this week, investors have no idea what to expect from this touch-and-go market.

But that’s why I’m here.

Today, I’m going to tell you exactly where I expect markets to go today, this week, and for the rest of the month.

Let’s get started

15 Stock Picks to Kick Start the Second Quarter

Investors are caught like a deer in headlights.

It could take years for the market to recover from where it was a couple of months ago.

And while these investors are sitting on their hands and waiting… they are missing some of the best trading opportunities they could see in their lifetimes.

There’s money to be made in this downturned market – you just have to know where to find it.

Well, I’ve done the work for you.

Here are 15 stocks that are about to soar – creating some of the best trading opportunities I’ve ever seen