I’m hosting free training tomorrow

One of the oldest adages in the stock market states: Sell in May and go away.

I’m big on historical strategies like this one. But you know what I like even more?

Proving them wrong.

Sure, stocks don’t tend to gain as much in the period from May 1 – October 31.

But just because stocks aren’t growing doesn’t mean our profits can’t.

In this video, I’m going to show you the single strategy that will guide our trading over the next month – and for the rest of the “Halloween Indicator” period…

This strategy allows us to cover our risk and even set up some nice profit opportunities in areas of the market that have historically gone bearish this time of year.

With coronavirus still wreaking havoc on the economy, it’s even more critical that you approach the markets with lower costs, lower risk, and a lower break-even point.

That’s why tomorrow at 2PM EDT, I’m going to dive even further into trading for today’s markets in a free live training session.

We’ll cover stock selection, building a stock list, and options essentials, all geared towards helping you succeed no matter what the markets do next.

I’m even going to introduce a brand new, rules-based system: Triple-Threat Trader.

Only you’re not just going to see how it works…

You’re going to get your hands on it.

Just for signing up, I’m going to give you an access code for Triple-Threat Trader.

Then tomorrow, at 2PM, we’ll dive into it together. You’ll see how it can help you come out of these markets not just safely, but profitably.

Click here to get registered.

See you tomorrow,

Tom Gentile

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