This Generation’s “Dot-Com” Era is Here – And it’s Your Time to Profit

For the past three months in Power Profit Trader, we’ve talked about the stock market plummeting, unemployment hitting record highs, and different strategies we can use to get our portfolios stable again.

But we never really touched on how the access of information is affecting the market.

If this pandemic happened two decades ago, you would be getting the news from the daily paper that landed on the doorstep first thing in the morning, the 5 o’clock broadcast, or you waited on the dial-up internet.

I mean, this morning when I woke up, I grabbed my coffee and scrolled through my favorite sites for market updates, I read the news, checked social media – all in a span of a few minutes.

And I can rinse and repeat this all day long – 24-hour news in the palm of my hand.

I can still remember the first time I called a friend from my cell phone asking for directions back in 1988 – and that’s all it could do. It was a phone that was roughly the size and weight of a brick that just made calls (that were usually dropped, if I might add).

Just for reference, it looked a little something like this…

In this day and age, it really doesn’t sound life changing.

But back in the 80s, just making a call from a phone that wasn’t plugged into the wall was nothing short of revolutionary.

From back then until now, the technology has only progressed – and it’s arguably one of the most innovative technologies of the ages. Now, we have sleek technology that fits in your pocket. It put global communication and access to limitless information literally in the palm of our hands.

Now, with technology in our cell phones that would have been unrecognizable 10 years ago – I’m talking streaming videos, social media, even payment options from your phone – there is one main limitation that we still face…


We want everything faster, better, stronger – and we got to a point where the technology really couldn’t keep up… that is, until recently.

The technological world’s newest innovation is changing everything…

The technology behind our phone speed just got a major upgrade – and if you think things are fast now, you’re going to be blown away.

I’m talking about a comparison of a Toyota to a Lamborghini. The Toyota will get you there safe and sound… the Lamborghini will just get you there a lot faster.

With the rise of 5G, WiFi speeds are now available in the palm of your hand, wherever your hand happens to be.

This is a game changer… and there are companies poised to profit on the dash to 5G.

You see, back in the day, cellular networks worked at a snail’s pace in comparison to today.

Cell phones worked on 2.4 Kb/s – which was later dubbed “1G.”

You could only talk – no texting or Facetiming, no how to quickly defrost a chicken Google searches, no streaming the latest season of Ozark – and dropped calls were common and expected.

This 1G base-line technology would serve as a springboard to a lineage of faster network speeds and smaller, function-rich hand-held devices.

It’s difficult to imagine what all of these numbers mean… so let me lay it out for you.

In the image below, it shows the speed, date, and rate of how fast the different “G’s” are.

1G at a crawl to 5G at rocket speed!

(YouTube image)

Over time, speeds dramatically increased, as did the capabilities of hand-held technology.

Texting was introduced in 1991 with 2G networks with speeds up to 64 Kb/s. Mobile and wireless internet connectivity with speeds up to 2 Mb/s launched the 3G era. Broadband speed of 100 Mb/s was born with the rise of 4G. And now here we are – the faster, the better, the stronger 5G.

5G operates at over 1 Gb/s – which is really just a bunch of numbers and letters that mean it’s the fastest technology we’ve ever seen.

These speeds are comparable to home Wi-Fi… which means the luxury of your at-home internet speed can be accessed anywhere in the world. Video downloads, uploads, live streaming, gaming, and teleconferencing just got better. The days of needing WiFi to do “real work” on the internet are over.

For the first time since the rise of cellular devices, full-functioned internet access is available on your mobile phone.

With everyone and their five-year-old kid using cell phones, you can bet that 5G devices will fly off the shelves-even faster than toilet paper during this pandemic. Because the internet is your link to the outside world, now more than ever before.

Why do you think stocks like Teladoc, Blue Apron, and Zoom have exploded by 673%, 290%, and 155%?

These companies have seen the future…

A future where everything from business meetings, college courses, and medical consultations to happy hours, movies, concerts, even star-gazing tours are streamed online, directly from your smartphone – with the help of 5G.

And today, we’re showing you how to find out which companies will finally bring 5G into the mainstream and benefit from this new $10 billion government initiative.

Get the full briefing right here.

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