Supercharge Your Stock Returns During August’s Profit Wave

The economy seems to be one big conflicting story right now.

COVID-19 cases are more rampant than ever before, with 4.8 million infected across the country. The 2020 presidential election is getting closer and closer. Tensions between the U.S. and China are mounting…

Yet, volatility remains low. Stocks closed Monday in the green, the Dow notching over 200 points.

Here’s the thing – thanks to the market’s current movement, there is an absolute ton of money to be made out there. In fact, there’s a phenomenon going on right now that I’ve only seen three times in my life…

And if you play it using this technique, you can supercharge your stock gains. In fact, you can get paid to buy stocks.

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See, August is fraught with profit potential. And in this video, straight from my Youtube channel, I’ll show you exactly what you can expect during the final month of summer. I’ll even give you my targets on the market’s top stock, oil, bond, and gold ETFs.

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To your success,

Tom Gentile

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