Four Stocks (That Aren’t Pfizer) to Ride the Market’s High

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With more than 51 million cases and counting, COVID-19 is the worst malady the world has seen in a hundred years.

And an effective vaccine is viewed as the only cure.

That’s why the news from Pfizer regarding a vaccine that is 90% effective couldn’t have come at a better time.

Investors stampeded into stocks, with the Dow spiking more than 1,500 points, the S&P 500 surging to an all-time high and Pfizer shares rocketing 15% in a single day.

But here’s a secret I’m only sharing with you …

You see, Pfizer isn’t the play here.

There are actually four other stocks – all sector leaders, and each with a hefty upside – that the vaccine revelations will ignite into a big-time run.

These are companies whose businesses and share prices were the hardest-hit by the pandemic – meaning they’ll be the biggest rebound candidates once a vaccine is in place and the world can go back to operating with a sense of normalcy.

For traders like us, this is a setup for the kind of windfall window that comes along just once or twice in a decade.

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The COVID-19 Vaccine will have These Four Stocks “Rise from the Ashes”

The four stocks were looking at today are from sectors that we’re crushed by the pandemic. Business went down, and as a result the stock price was hammered.

But that means these are the stocks with the most to gain. Call them the phoenix rising from the ashes. Once the world goes back to “normal,” these will become top stocks yet again.

And the biggest indicator that showed the profit potential on the top stocks is how they ran up with Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) on Monday.

These were the biggest movers in the S&P 500 on the day of PFE‘s announcement:

All 20 of the stocks listed above shot up over 23% in a single day.

Not surprisingly, this list contains travel, hospitality, leisure, retail, and energy stocks.

A simple approach to riding the coattails of PFE‘s news is to take the top-performing COVID-19 recovery stocks in the list above.

Here are the best plays that will take you straight to the bank…

Carnival Corp (NYSE: CCL)

Cruise line giant, Carnival Corp (NYSE: CCL) climbed over 39% after the vaccine news. The company moved above its 200-day moving average, and the last time CCL reached this threshold was January 23, 2020 – right as the pandemic was hitting the U.S.

SL Green Realty (NYSE: SLG)

SL Green Realty Corp (NYSE: SLG) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focused on acquiring, managing and maximizing Manhattan-based commercial properties. SLG shot up over 36%, and there is room for this stock to run as people start to flock back to the city.

Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE: VLO)

Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE: VLO) is a transportation fuel and petrochemical company headquartered in Texas that led the energy rebound on PFE‘s news – spiking up 31% on Monday.

Host Hotels & Resorts Inc. (NASDAQ: HST)

Host Hotels & Resorts Inc. (NASDAQ: HST) is the largest lodging real estate investment trust (REIT) and one of the largest owners of luxury and upscale hotels. HST jumped over 30% on the vaccine news and has room to grow as people begin to plan vacations and travel once again.

The main reason these stocks stood out is that all four of them gapped high above their 200-day moving average on massive volume on Monday.

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