Three Coins with Triple-Digit Gain Potential by February

At the end of 2019, I predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) would hit $20K by the end of 2020.

Back then, that was a bold prediction…

That’s when Warren Buffet was calling cryptocurrency a “mirage,” warning people to stay away.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon called the market’s top coin a “scam” and a “fraud.” He even said if he found out one of his employees was investing in Bitcoin, he’d fire them on grounds of stupidity.

Since then, Buffett has sat down for lunch with the TRON microcurrency founder Justin Sun.

JPMorgan has admitted that “the potential long-term upside for Bitcoin is considerable.”

And in November 2020, BTC hit $20K – just as I predicted.

Today, I’m making my next prediction. And it’s one that houses even more profit potential that the 263% jump BTC made over the past year…

I’m talking about a 2,000% increase by 2030.

In 10 years, I see BTC sitting at $500K.

That’s a jump that could turn $1,000 into $21,000… $5,000 into $105,000… $10,000 into $210,000.

It’s just about the biggest cash increase I’ve ever seen. But it gets even better.

Because you don’t have to wait until 2030 to see these kinds of returns.

See, there’s an even better way to make bigger and faster money in the crypto market…

And it has nothing to do with Bitcoin.

I’m talking about tiny coins with a ton more profit potential than the market’s top coin. Coins that grew 151%, 602%, even 1,175% faster than Bitcoin over the course of one year in 2017.

And I believe that the crypto bull market we’re watching today is setting up that kind of profit potential all over again in these tiny cryptos.

In fact, I just discovered three coins with the potential to make you 20X more money than Bitcoin – and that’s just over the course of 2021.

These three coins can give you the shot at triple-digit gains in a matter of 30-60 days.

Bitcoin could be your key to long-term cash. But in the short-term, the market’s top coin can’t even compete with these smaller names.

And you don’t need any more than $175 to potentially cash in on any of these three coins.

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Tom Gentile

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