Trade Tesla for at Least $1,000 by Friday with This Neutral Strategy

In the past month, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has gone from around $400 per share to over $600 per share.

That’s a 50% gain in as little as 30 days. And in the same amount of time, it’s handed option traders 1000%-plus gains – call worth $20 in mid-November is worth $200 today!

And there’s even more coming for TSLA

At the sound of Friday’s closing bell, the electric automaker will be added to the S&P 500 in what’s sure to be a historic day for the markets.

See, the heaviest days of trading tend to be on the days of major index rebalancing like we’ll see this week. Meaning TSLA‘s headline-making days are far from over.

The question is – where do we go from here? Is TSLA‘s inclusion in the S&P a sell-the-news event, or is the stock set to go even higher from here?

Well, the answer doesn’t matter. Not if you’re using the strategy I’m going to show you today, anyways.

This strategy isn’t bullish or bearish. It’s neutral, and it has a sky-high probability of profit.

Plus, it has the potential to hand you at least $1,000 by Friday.

I’ll break down this trade in the video below. Check it out…

I just showed you how to make $1K-plus by Friday.

But who says you have to wait until then to start making money?

With this new trading venture, you could make money on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And you could pocket that cash in 60 minutes or less.

Remember on Sunday, when I told you how you could make 38% on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) in 28 minutes?

Well, this is the strategy I was talking about. And I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it’s the fastest cash I’ve ever seen.

During the first 10 months of 2020, I made 69 trade recommendations using this strategy. And 63 of them were profitable for an incredible 91% win-rate.

On average, each of these winning trade recommendations lasted just 24 minutes. That’s what I mean when I say fast cash.

Now, my next set of fast-cash trade recommendations comes tomorrow – and another on Thursday, and another on Friday. And I’m breaking down every trade I’m recommending in my first-ever private Zoom session, live every day for the remainder of the week.

You need an exclusive passcode to access this session, and I have just 100 to give out today.

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I hope to see you there…

Tom Gentile

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