This Stock is the Short-Sellers’ Next Target – Get in Before the Trading Frenzy

It’s been a week since GameStop’s 400% jump, and we are starting to see the trading frenzy on this particular stock change course.

As talk on the retail gaming company’s meteoric rise simmers down, we are setting our sights on what could be the next “short-squeeze” stock of the week – AMC Entertainment.

AMC is the company that owns the largest movie theater chain in the world, and one of the companies that took a major hit during the pandemic stay-at-home orders.

And as hedge funds and investors attempt to short sell this stock, it is next on our list of companies that could be making a major comeback thanks to these social media inspired investors.

Today, we are going to review last week’s trading strategies on GameStop and how we can apply them to AMC before the trading mania ensues.
We will take a look at price projections, implied volatility, and the best ways to make money on this next “failed short” stock.

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