Four Industrial Stocks (That Aren’t Airlines) to Play the Market’s Bull Run

During the pandemic, we were spending money on technology to stay entertained and connected.

People bought the iPhone 12 and the PlayStation 5 as soon as they were released.

Workers added computer monitors and paid for Zoom subscriptions to make WFH easier.

Folks bought Teslas and Smart TVs with the money they would have otherwise spent on vacations and travel.

But the fact is that things have changed.

Money is flying out of the tech sector – and industrials are reaping the benefit.

Certain industrial stocks like airlines have already started their move up.

But there’s still money to be made by looking at specific stocks that are about to hit their stride.

That’s why I’m uncovering the top industrial stocks that are setting up to run -and how they can hand you a massive profit.

The Industrial Sector is Running – Here are the Top Moneymaking Stocks to Play

Since February 16, the Industrial Select Sector SPDR EFT (NYSE: XLI),the ETF that follows industrial stocks, has risen 9%.

Money has been flowing into industries like aerospace, heavy duty tools, agricultural equipment and supplies. And over that last month, the following companies have been leading the industrial sector:

  1. Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA)

BA is a defense company that manufactures commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, launch systems, and performance-based logistics and training. The stock is up 18% over the last month and notched a 1-year high $278.57 in the process. It has outpaced every other industrial stock and is poised for further upside.

  1. Snap-On, Inc. (NYSE: SNA)

SNA is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools and equipment for professional use in the transportation industry. This includes automotive, marine, aviation, and railroad transportation. The stock shot up 13% over the past 30 days and set an all-time high of $229.14 last Thursday. We can anticipate more upward movement to come.

  1. Deere & Company (NYSE: DE)

DE manufactures and distributes equipment used in agriculture, construction, forestry, and turf care. The company set an all-time high of $392.42 this past Thursday.

  1. Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK)

SWK is the world’s largest tools and storage company and the second-largest commercial electronic security company. The stock set an all-time high of $199.40 last Friday.

These four stocks grabbed my attention because they are setting up for even greater moves to the upside

Now, you could purchase these stocks flat out – but it can be risky with low profit potential.

I recommend buying call options to supercharge your returns and reduce your risk.

Buying 30-60-day calls provides you the right to buy a specific stock at a specific price (strike) until a specific date (expiration). When you purchase one call contract, you buy the right (but not obligation) to control 100 shares of stock…

This way your call option increases in value when the underlying industrial stocks move up in price.

Now, I love these four stocks mentioned above, but those aren’t the only opportunities I have my eye on during this market turnaround.

There are actually five trades in particular that I’ll release over the course of next week – that’s right, one trade per day on Monday through Friday – that look like they’ll help me continue my current 100% win rate!

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Talk soon,

Tom Gentile

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