The Simple Way to Play 2021’s Great Economic Comeback

Friday’s trading day was choppy as the Treasury yield hit a yearly high of 1.63% following a better-than-expected jobless claims report.

Now, this report that showed the unemployment rate dropping to 6.2% got investors talking. And it only means one thing: the economy is continuing to recover and fast.

That’s why in today’s episode of The Profit Strategies Podcast, Chris Johnson and I are covering the markets and how to profit as the country continues to reopen.

We will dive into this week’s healthy market pullback and how it’s time to start adding bullish positions back into your portfolio.

I also have my eye set on tax season and some changes that we might be seeing coming up.

This podcast is chock-full of information, so click below to listen…

Now, regardless of the recent ups and downs of the markets, one of my favorite sectors is continuing to exceed my expectations.

I’m talking about microcurrencies – a lesser-known way to not only take advantage of the skyrocketing crypto market, but to potentially leave it in the dust.

In fact, just last month, readers of mine had the chance to close out 23 positions for 22 wins… a 96% success rate!

As crypto continues its rise, NOW is the time to get on board, before the rest of the herd catches on.

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Talk soon,

Tom Gentile

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