The Four “Phoenix Rising” Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now

In the first three months of 2021, tech stocks took a major hit, down 5% on the year as of March 4.

And it makes sense!

Everybody already bought the latest editions of their phone or gaming console, downloaded all of the latest Work From Home software, and upgraded streaming services (here’s to you “no-ads” Hulu.)

Major companies have been struggling to keep up with the unprecedented demands of 2020, and we saw the repercussions of this over the past couple of weeks.

During March, money was flying out of the tech sector… but not out of every tech stock

Which is why as we start the month of April, I found the top four stocks that are “rising from the ashes” and will get a major boost on money flowing back into the technology market.

These stocks have been in the green and are set to run further to the upside during one of the most profitable months of the year.

You can get all of the details by clicking below.

The Top Stocks to Buy as Money Flows into the Tech Sector

Let’s take a look at the best performing tech stocks in March:

These stocks skyrocketed in March while the rest of the tech sector traded down – and as you can see, there isn’t one “FAANG” stock on the list. These are all stocks that have continued to move up as money flowed out of the sector.

And this makes one thing clear – these stocks will continue to move up as money moves back into tech.

Here are the details of the top four stocks that are bound for even more profits:

  1. DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC)

DXC a large international business-to-business (B2B) IT services provider. It’s currently hitting one-year highs, up 23.47% in March. As more and more money flows back into tech, this stock is going to jump even higher.

  1. Network Appliances (NASD: NTAP)

NTAP is a data storage and management stock. This cloud company has been a member of the Fortune 500 since 2021 and is bound for further move to the upside. It just set a one-year high last week, and it’s up 15.65% in March alone.

  1. Cisco Systems (NASD: CSCO)

CSCO, the international tech conglomerate, just notched a 20-month high this week and is up 15.38% for the month.

  1. International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM)

IBM, an international computing company, rose 14.24% this month and is also setting one-year highs.

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Talk soon,

Tom Gentile

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