Why the bull market won’t end

Tom Gentle here.

For months, you may have heard news headlines like, “The crash is coming,” “Brace for impact,” and more…

And I’m here today to tell you why I believe the long-standing bullish market is here to stay…

Despite the hiccup in early spring 2020 that derailed the market amid the onset of the pandemic, most metrics have pointed upward since.

Sure, there are risks – I’ll tell you about those – but as we analyze my stock and crypto picks this week, you’ll quickly see why I’m so bullish.

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Bonus Hot Take: Diversify Your Portfolio Now

Folks who know me are aware that I could be considered a “self-made” guy.

I’ve worked my way through countless jobs, pursued numerous interests, and more before ever learning to trade…

So I truly appreciate when I see others like myself who were able to capture something so special in the market.

Enter Daymond John.

You might know him from the hit show Shark Tank, and he’s been working on something big.

It’s an opportunity for you to peer right over his shoulder and learn about the companies he’s got an eye on.

Personally, I’m quite impressed. This type of investing is far out of my “wheelhouse,” so hearing Daymond’s analysis has been remarkable. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Check it out right here if you’re interested.

Talk soon,

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader, Power Profit Trades

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