5 Steps to Finding and Using the Morning Report

TGIF, Power Profit Traders!

I’ve tried to ramp up my focus on providing top-notch trading education lately, because if this week’s volatility has taught us anything, it’s to be careful out there.

Like I said recently — Monday’s sell-off may have been a first for a lot of the new kids on the trading block, perhaps drawn into the markets by the “meme stock” craze… And anyone who has been trading blind and lucky probably had a rude awakening at Monday’s close.

But if you know how to spot and capitalize on RULES-BASED OPPORTUNITIES — which is a lot of what I teach — the broad-market conditions shouldn’t impact your bottom line.

That’s why I strongly encourage you to keep coming to my LIVE trading sessions, the frequency of which I plan to increase very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for more on that!

In fact, yesterday I went LIVE for a full hour, diving into everything from the TRIPLE-STACK BUY I just spotted to what I consider a “1-inch Putt” trade.

So if you’re already watching these sessions — thank you, you’re already on the right path to becoming an enriched, educated trader. Please keep coming back and dropping comments like these (wink):

You guys are the best
But aside from the education, traders need an EDGE in this game — which is why today, along with our Power Profit Trades Watchlist, I’ll walk you through downloading the TG Suite app and how to find the Morning Report.

Finding and Using the TG Suite App in 5 Steps

If you’re new to the Tom Gentile universe, a lot of my trades are based on the premium software I’ve developed over my decades in the biz — much of which is available to both my free and subscription-based followers.

But ultimately I feel my job isn’t to spoon-feed you trade ideas to mindlessly enter and exit — I want you to know where to find the data I look at every day, and more importantly, how to read and use it yourself to boost your own trading profits.

So today, I’d like to walk you through my TG Suite app, and how to find the free Morning Report data I feature in the Power Profit Trades Watchlist each morning.

The first step, obviously, is downloading the TG Suite app!

  1. If you’re an Apple user, you can download here for iOS.
  2. If you’re an Android user, you can download here for Google Play.

Searching “TG Suite” or “Tom Gentile” in your app store should also bring it up.

Step 2 is watching this video walk-through I made for you, starting around the 44-minute marker:

I begin the app tutorial around the 44:15 mark
As I say in the video — if you’ve never used our apps before, you’ll have to sign up, which is Step 3.

Now, once you’re in the TG Suite app, you’ll see several options. The first six we reserve for some of our premium software at TomsOptionTools.com, so if you’re on any of those teams with me, you’re probably already familiar with those features.

However, the one at the bottom, the Morning Report, is now open for everyone!

Step 4 is opening the Morning Report.

There you’ll see the tools I use to pull together the Power Profit Trades Watchlist each day:

The data in these tools updates after the close each day, when the dust settles on the trading floor.

Understanding how to utilize these tools, which I plan to teach in this space, should give you a trading edge to start your day.

Whether you’re scanning the Cheap IV list for potential options on sale, the Expensive IV list for rich premiums to sell, or following the money via one of the other tools, knowing how to read these numbers and spot opportunities can give you an advantage at the opening bell.

So go download the TG Suite app now, because Step 5 is Clicking Around & Having Fun!

TSLA Options Active Again

Now, onto today’s Power Profit Trades Watchlist, brought to you by the Highest Option Volume list from the Morning Report.

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Thursday was quite a day for the bulls, with the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq all gaining at least 1% on the day.

So it may seem strange to see the most active option on our list was a put.

Specifically, Tesla (TSLA) once again topped our list, continuing the theme of active TSLA options this week, this time with the weekly Oct. 1 $700-strike put.
Perhaps the buyers of these out-of-the-money puts are seeing TSLA shares at a resistance point, expecting a steep rollover beneath $700 before the options expire in a week…

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On the other hand, they could be TSLA shareholders looking for a bit of options insurance, buying $700-strike put options to protect their investment and lock in a minimum sale price (the strike), should the stock take a turn for the worse.

By purchasing “protective puts,” the buyers aren’t necessarily wanting their options to move into the money.

Their primary goal is for TSLA stock to chug higher, but if the stock took a nosedive to, say, $650 before the Oct. 1 close, having those puts in their pocket allows them to unload their shares at $700.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with another one Monday…

Have a great weekend!

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader, Power Profit Trades

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  1. When it was like this in 2018 did the Fed act the same way?? Or are they acting this way because they know that the people are trying to gain some momentum to try an get back some of the money they lost?? An are the Feds scared that we the people might get one up on them. Just say’n, I just started trading bout month ago and I wasn’t really paying attention to trading and what the Fed was doing until last year when I really would make some money in my 403b and then I noticed at the end of last yr 2021 I was losing money like crazy and I got scared and decided I need to learn how to trade. Because up until the pandemic I would just let my IRA, n my 403b just kinda do their thing but now that I’m on disability an only get paid once a month an cost of living was increased I decided that I need to do something so that I don’t become homeless because I can’t afford what’s goin on. Sorry rant over but I do seriously need to learn how to trade n how to setup the options with put, n call n the half sales and when to buy n sale I have an idea when to but I’m not on my computer all day everyday plus I live in country an my internet is not the greatest. So any help y’all can give me I sure would appreciate it. Thank You Sue Chisnell

  2. I love you to pieces Tom, but wish there was a way to use your computer to make a high enough stack to even get in. I’m learnin & when I’m good, I’m gonna teach every single Mum I know, all the folks that brick n mortar won’t help. Market STILL not accessible for far too many. When I can afford your service, I’ll be back & I’m bringing them with me!
    Few impress me, few tell the truth, but you go beyond. Still feels like 1980 out here, when my grubstake was snorted at, but I’ll be back!

  3. Kathleen Fasano

    I’m new to trading and I’m not sure the difference between stocks and options into where do you go to buy options. Currently I’m using Robinhood to buy stocks so I’m not sure what I need to buy options.

  4. Hey there, I’m so far behind on everything. I’ve never traded options ,but I really want to learn. I’m already approved with Fidelity. I so far behind in everything that I have no idea how to catch up. Thanks for your time. Have a great day. Marla Mays aka arlam

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