Reviewing Some of My Favorite Coins Heading Into 2022

Hey there, Power Profit Traders!

Happy New Year’s Eve! This is the last trading day of the year, and it will likely be super light for stocks and other markets. And for bonds, traders will be taking off early today.

Thank you for being a valued subscriber to Power Profit Trades! It’s been quite a year filled with plenty of great trades. But while we all should celebrate safely today and tomorrow – let’s get set for another year of lots of new Power Profit Trades!

Of course, while I’m looking ahead to some exciting opportunities in 2022, it’s important to take a step back and review your trading performance each year, to see where you can improve and where you’ve been successful… and I’ve certainly had a successful year in the crypto sphere.

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Now, let me get back to some of my leading coin trades…

It’s no secret that 2021 has been quite a year for cyber coins. There have been numerous new initial coin offerings (ICOs) on various platforms, not to mention some exciting ETFs launched. And overall, this year has seen the cryptocurrency market hit a value of $3 trillion, according to industry analytics group CoinGecko.

And while there have been big gains in the number of coins – not all have been successful in price or value. Bitcoin (BTC), currently the largest coin in the market, has gained 63.02% year-to-date, while the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index that tracks the largest cryptocurrencies has gained 160.30%.

But these gains are highly misleading – at least in the sense that it wasn’t a straight shot higher by any means. Along the way throughout the past year, both Bitcoin and the Crypto Index have been fraught with volatility — including some serious pullbacks.

Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (White) & Bitcoin Galaxy Index (Blue) Price – Source: Bloomberg

This means that traders had to be in and out of the right coins at the right times, in order to really make profits without losing their shirts.

This is where I come in.

The coin market isn’t something you can just throw money at and hope for gains. You need the same – if not more – discipline in making coin trades that you would use for stocks and other securities.

And for my Microcurrency Trader subscribers, I have been working on setting up the best trades in the right coins over the past year, using pullbacks to strategic levels as opportunities to increase my stake – and I’ve got more trades in the works for 2022.

So far, many of my cyber coins inside the Microcurrency Trader portfolio are sitting on massive double-digit gains.

Let’s see some of the highlights as we all get set for 2022…

My Coin Trades Busting Cyberspace

Trading cyber coins takes special analysis and research. Pricing and volume need to be gathered from the right and correct sources. And I take particular efforts to adapt and apply my pattern trading and other research to not just wean out weaker coin trades, but to maximize gains in the right coins.

That said, here is a highlight reel of sorts, featuring open trades from Microcurrency Trader:

Algorand (ALGO) is a coin that came to the market in 2017. It is a modern-structured coin utilizing proof of stake validation and creation. Created by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor, Silvia Micali, ALGO works more efficiently by only having those with actual coin ownership in the network of the coin market.

My trade so far is working well, with a gain running at 51.3%, as of this writing.

DistrictOx (DNT) is another coin that stems from the Ethereum (ETH) platform, providing a higher level of credibility. DNT is set for decentralized financial (DeFI) transactions set up by groups known as districts. This allows more transparency in who owns and controls each DNT coin. And in turn, this will work further for use in financial and commercial contracts in various industries and business groups.

My trade in DNT is just getting going, with the portfolio showing a gain of 2.2%.

Enjin (ENJ) is a very new coin trade that I’ve discussed here in Power Profit Trader, and my Microcurrency Trader family knows just how excited I am about this one. This coin was engineered from the Ethereum model, and similar to ALGO, is a next-generation coin utilizing proof of stake technology. ENJ is specifically designed for use in valuing and exchanging non-fungible tokens (NFTs). And even more exciting, ENJ is also set up for use as a currency inside the massive and huge growth market for online electronic gaming.

My trade in ENJ is brand-spanking new, so the gain is just getting going at 1.2%, but I have big plans for this one in 2022…

Maker (MKR) was established to be a universal platform similar in objectives to Polygon. Maker provides both stable coins (fixed coin values to U.S. dollars and other currencies), as well as its own MKR cyber coin. The key advantage of MKR is that it is being accepted as a cross-platform and cross-market coin adopted by markets and governments around the globe.

My trade again is newer, but off to a good start, as the portfolio shows a gain of 6.3%.

Stellar (XLM) is from a leading global payments company that provides instant app-based financial transactions, including global money transfers in nearly any major currency. International payments have been a big and expensive chore for many around the globe. Major banks or payment companies often charge heavy fees and come with delayed transactions. Stellar was built to get around all of those challenges, and is quickly becoming a go-to system for its efficiency. XLM is the uniform coin of Stellar and has the potential to become a universal coin around the world.

My trade in this interesting coin is newer – but I’m up 6.2% so far.

Finally, Polygon (MATIC) is a very interesting protocol and coin that was set up again under the Ethereum standards, focused on bridging various blockchain networks. This means that Polygon works to connect different blockchains for a more seamless connection for business and financial transactions. And its MATIC coin is a uniform unit that can move from one blockchain network to another.

My trade is new but already taking off, sitting on a gain of 60.6%.

To see all of my great cyber coin trades, and get access to the next hot batch of crypto trades setting up for 2022, be sure to join my Microcurrency Trader family!

That’s it for now, but Happy New Year and here’s to successful trading in 2022!

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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