The Coin That Could Power the Internet of Things

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And speaking of Microcurrency Trader, let’s talk about the coin that could power the Internet of Things…

The Internet of Things is the next level of connectivity that all of us are increasingly using, even if it isn’t crossing our minds on a daily basis.

Take, for example, smart speakers, including Amazon’s (AMZN) Alexa devices. The core speakers are constantly listening for wake-up calls to action. And these actions can be as simple as playing a specific radio station or program, or providing playlists from specific artists or musical genres.

But these devices can and do a whole lot more than play music or give weather reports. With help from smart electrical plugs, these devices can do everything from turn lights on and off to trigger coffee makers and robotic vacuums.

Other devices are getting smarter, too, including appliances like refrigerators. I’ve seen models that help update your shopping list or place delivery orders based on what isn’t stocked inside!

And these are just rudimentary examples of how connected devices provide services to you, and they are only getting smarter and better connected, thanks to the Internet of Things.

With more data being collected by these smart devices, companies eager for your personal information are waking up to the idea of paying for access to that intel.

This is setting up the need for coins and tokens that devices working inside the Internet of Things can use for two-way money flows – even if you are not doing any of them directly.

And it looks like one newer coin is becoming a go-to for these sorts of transactions…

The Payments of the Internet of Things

Payments within the Internet of Things should be – or rather, need to be – quick and seamless, for efficiency and broader adoption. Being asked for a credit card number for every transaction would get old in a microsecond.

So, companies that have been working within the Internet of Things have been developing and rolling out newer coins/tokens that can be used within your personal device networks to make transactions on your behalf. (And, of course, that can be rendered as payment to access your behavioral data.)

IoTex is one of the companies leading the charge to establish common standards for the Internet of Things, and developed its own coin/token – IOTX, which listed on Coinbase this summer.

As with many other newer coins/tokens, IOTX has been volatile lately, to say the least…

IOTX chart courtesy of Coinbase

However, as I told my Microcurrency Traders last week, I just spotted a historically bullish signal on IOTX – and as long as the coin doesn’t fall below my identified level of support, it could be off to the races again.

In fact, I see the potential for a doubler, but only at the right entry levels.

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