Microcurrencies – with a side of steak?

Hey there, Power Profit Traders!

I have been saving an expensive Olive Wagyu steak for a while now, waiting for a special occasion.

When the time finally arrived for me to enjoy that delicious cut of beef, I savored every juicy bite of it!

Have you ever interpreted something you hear in the news one way, but then you think about it more and realize it is different, or perhaps just bigger than you thought?

The point is, sometimes it’s best to slow things down so you can thoroughly appreciate (or understand) what you’re taking in!

One thing I read recently was Kevin O-Leary’s statement, “I have millions of dollars, 20% of my portfolio is now in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

On the surface, this seems like a positive step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrencies!

If Kevin O’Leary is investing in cryptos, then more people, who have been on the fence about them, might be inclined to do so!

As I thought more about his statement, it occurred to me that he said, “cryptocurrencies and blockchain.”

Meaning, not only is he investing in the coins themselves, but in the companies that have anything to do with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other Altcoins!

In other words, “Crypto Stocks.”

Crypto Stocks

The stocks I have dubbed “Crypto Stocks” are companies that are involved in the adoption of cryptocurrency, and we talk about them extensively in Microcurrency Trader.

If you are not familiar with my Microcurrency Trader group, it’s where I cover all my analysis and trading of cryptocurrencies and stocks that are associated with them!

In yesterday’s Microcurrency Monday session of Power Profit Trades LIVE, I discussed short, medium, and long term analysis of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and a few other altcoins.

I also introduced my Crypto Stocks Watchlist, how I pick the stocks that make it on the list, and how I trade them with my Microcurrency Trader group!

Who Watches The Watchlist?

Right now, my Crypto Stocks Watchlist contains 22 stocks (seen below).

I update this watchlist on a regular basis to include companies with influence or stake in the cryptocurrency industry.

Crypto Stocks Watchlist – March 14

Yesterday we discussed crypto stocks at length, including the reasoning for some of them being on the list, and how we might use this information when considering our crypto AND stock purchases.

If you weren’t able to watch the Power Profit Trades LIVE session yesterday, you can catch the replay here.

I’ll see you soon!

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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