What Is BRUTUS? Plus, Trades From Q1

What is BRUTUS?

One of the most common questions received is about BRUTUS, my A.I. Trigger Event Software…

Most of the trades we take in Operation Surge Strike originate from BRUTUS.

BRUTUS searches thousands of optionable stocks and finds the setups with the highest potential ROI

Then I take that list and identify what I believe are the best of the best and send those to Operation Surge Strike members.

Digging a Little Deeper

That still leaves some questions, though!

How do I know what type of option trade to take? How do I know the price to get in or get out?

I asked my colleague and Surge Strike Trader/Instructor to talk about it in depth during Wednesday’s Power Profit Trades LIVE session.

Here’s the segment where he discusses BRUTUS in depth, and provides some example trades from Q1 of this year!

Trades on Ford (F), United Airlines (UAL), and Blackstone Group (BX)

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