We’re Winning in a losing market

Hello, Power Profit Traders!

With all three of the major indices down nearly 20 to 30 percent this year, I certainly understand the anxiety investors must be feeling.

In a matter of a few months, the market has swallowed all of your 2021 investment gains.

Our economy is certainly fragile right now, and it can take years to recover what you’ve accomplished.

There are no signs that the market has found the bottom of its hole.

I want to show you how I’m beating the market and how you can recover losses at a faster pace.

Recover your losses sooner

Since launching my Quantum Data Scripts program in April we’ve enjoyed 21 winning trades out of 25 trades since June 13.

The three trades below do not represent our highest return nor our lowest return:

  • Gamestop (GME) – 142% Return in 18 days
  • Marathon Oil (MRO) – 257% Return in 25 days
  • Trip Advisor (TRIP) – 76% Return in 4 days

Here’s a little secret. We’re not betting the farm on a trade that we think will be the motherlode of all trades. Quite the opposite.

We’re applying rules-based trading

My Quantum Data Technology is finding the trading opportunities for us by scouring through thousands of stocks.

I narrow the list of potential trades down to The Best of the Best, and then I’m purposefully exercising money management techniques in order to grow the portfolio properly.

Proper money management is critical

Applying money management rules is critical. Did you notice we lost on 4 out of 25 trades?

Had we tricked ourselves into believing that any of those four losing trades was the doorway to a full recovery, and bet the farm…. Well, you can imagine how sheepish we’d have felt.

The following is an example of how proper money management coupled with a winning trading strategy can help grow any portfolio.

The formula below can be applied to any account and any trading strategy.

(# of Winning Trades X $’s Gained) – (# of Losing Trades X $’s Lost)
= Winning or Losing Strategy

Here’s an example of how it can work when you have a winning trading system like my Quantum Data Scripts.

Having a fixed dollar amount per trade is important. Alter the number of contracts to accommodate your allowable investment amount, but do not alter the amount of each investment.

Apply the formula above to see how it works. I’ll plug in our real wins and losses with some arbitrary dollar amounts for illustration:

(21 winning trades x $500 average gain) – (4 losing trades x $750 average loss)
($10,500 gains) – ($3,000 loss) = Net $7,500; a Winning Strategy

My Quantum Data Technology is helping traders like you work their way back to recovery! Click here to find out how we’re doing it.

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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